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New HighRes airfields textures Mod Released


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Hi folks!

Just to keep English part of the forum informed. :)


New HighRes airfields textures Mod is waiting for your attention on LockonFiles.com :)

Here the link:

http://lockonfiles.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownloaddetails&cid=158&lid=1269&title=DCS-BS Ultra HighRes Runways Taxyways Parkings Mod v.1#dldetails


This mod should work in LockOn as well.


- Ultra High Resolution textures - x4 for runway, x8 for taxi-ways and parkings.

- Real sized (PAG-12 2x6 meters) stabs with transportation hollows.

- Realistic tar on joints.

- Notches on surface of concrete.

- Season-depended dirt in joits.

- Season-depended weathering.

- All markings are real as it possible (placing, dimensions ) in current engine.

- Accurate concrete and dirt colors.

- No FPS hit notified


- Some moire notified in case of notches.


We've tried to do all our best to create this mod as real as it possible, so please feel free to add your feedback here.

Have a good flights.



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Hi there,

Need some help here please. I have just downloaded the new UltraHighRes airfields Textures from your site, and when I opened the file I notice that the files are in dss format and that in the TempTextures folder in BS there are no DSS files in there. Do we just add these ? Any help please. Timm



92638061jj5.jpg .


BS Files in Temptextures


Edited by Timm

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I would love to see some day a grass growing between some of the concrete plates like on older russian runways. Is it possible to make it in easy way. Maybe just an imitation on the texture like on grandsurf's rwy.


[EDIT] I didn't see on the screenshot but in game i see a grass.

Edited by Poko24
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