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Engagment Range for AI Hawk system seems to have problems.

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 So, I'm doing some SAM testing. General stuff like evaluating ranges of different systems, hit probability, rocket motor burn times and so on. I'm still collecting data, but I am having trouble getting the HAWK (Currently using the Iranian Hawk Template) to change engagement ranges. When I set the engagement range to 100 (default) the system launches on my target aircraft at almost exactly 24 nautical miles. When set at 90%... it engages at 24 nautical miles... 

I'm working to optimize the system to get higher probability of hits. Currently I'm testing with targets at 40,000 asl. (Battery located at 215 asl), however the system is engaging targets at the same range as when my target drones were flying at 20,000 asl. 

The SAM has "excellent" skill level and I'm doing the testing on a big flat part of South America so there won't be any mountains to block the radar signals. 

Anyway, it would be helpful to know if I'm doing something wrong, or the restrict range order doesn't work, or what. 



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