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Vaicom Pro - Nothing but Awaiting Additional Input Regardless of Command Set


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Hey there,

I have been using Vaicom Pro with Voice Attack for DCS for a little over a year. 

Recently I updated DCS world and Voice Attack(I believe the problem is voice attack), and no matter what commands I give, or how I give them, they will be recognized but will never be confirmed or sent. I will continuously get 'awaiting additional input.'

Never had this problem before. It is quite frustrating. Just want to be able to use Vaicom Pro again.

Any ideas?


Additionally, lately anytime I run DCS I have to repair it before hand or I will not be able to get the communications menu to show up and work. The communications menu that has ATC, Flight, AWACS, etc... that you use to communicate where to land, air-to-air refueling, command AI to engage bandits, let ATC know you're inbound, etc..

----> I believe Voice Attack or Vaicom Pro is what is causing this issue and is probably related to the other issue above.. Or maybe it is not, but just one of a couple different issues making it impossible to use Voiceattack/Vaicom in DCS right now.



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Start here:  


More info in the Vaicom Discord:


In essence if you are running DCS 2.8 you need the community versions 2.8 of Vaicom Pro.

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