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Damage Modelling


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Not sure if this has been brought up - but more fidelity in damage modeling would be cool to see.  

I realise this isn't a priority due to the nature of missile combat having the same effect on a plane no matter where it hits - but it would be neat to see the actual body of the plane damaged and broken, instead of just the insta-wing-pop-off no matter where the missile strikes.  As well, there is rudimentary modelling of bullet damage, but it would be neat to see more systems independently affected with bullet strikes or missile damage.  

Having a wing partly sawn off, for example, instead of it breaking cleanly at the root...or having the back quarter of the jet mangled and damaged from a missile, instead of just the wings falling off.  

This game has a lot of immersion and this one area where it breaks it for me sometimes.  

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