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Heavy Lag Spikes

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7 hours ago, liojet said:

Good morning

I am experiencing lags that makes DCS unplayable since the dcs version swaps 2.7 to 2.8

i am playing dcs for ages with imac bootcamp windows 10 graph card GPU
Radeon Pro Vega 48  vram 8176 and ram 40gb

could you help me ?



dcs.log 68.3 kB · 2 downloads dcs.log.old 70.54 kB · 3 downloads debrief.log 22.46 kB · 1 download Export.lua 39.3 kB · 2 downloads

hello. i would suggest first to make sure windows and all drivers are updated. i can see your windows is 22H2. just check latest patches. also try a static pagefile of min 32768 and max 32768.

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