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'Missile In Zone' Trigger doesn't work when linked to unit

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DCS Standalone - tested on both MT and non-MT

When trying to use the 'Missile In Zone' trigger, the trigger will only work if the attached trigger zone is not linked to a unit.

When the trigger zone is linked to the ship or the ground units, the trigger will not work. When the trigger zone is not linked to any unit, it works as expected. Whether this is an issue with trigger zones bugging out when linked to units or an issue with 'Missile In Zone' just not working when the trigger zone is attached to a unit, I don't know.

Changing the trigger zone type to quad point from circle or vice versa doesn't change the outcome.

Tried putting the ship trigger zone both directly on-top of the ship, and offset to the side when linked. No difference.

Also somewhat related but potentially its own report - the KH-41 from the Molniya does not trigger the 'Missile In Zone' trigger, as seen in the attached miz.


Steps to recreate:

In the attached mission file, simply change 'Link Unit' to either 'None' or 'Blue Ship' for the ship zone trigger, and the same process for the blue ground unit & zone.

By default I have link unit set to none so you can run the mission first and see the Missile In Zone trigger working, and the output for each zone. After that, you can link the zones to their respective units, run the mission again, and wait for the trigger output.


What to look for:

The missile in zone output will continue in the trigger zones not linked to units until the missile detonates. The output continues with both types of mavericks still in the air because I wanted to make sure it was working with more than one type of missile. However, there's no trigger output in the ship zone after the mavericks detonate and the KH-41s are still flying to the ship.

When the trigger zones are linked back to their respective units, there will no longer be any trigger output.



Missile In Zone Test.miz

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