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What about tutorials ...

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Hi there, I'm recently coming from another sim game (ArmA3) on which I'm one of the more active modders there. I'll not say if I'm good or bad, but I'm modding there for about 20 years (3d models + textures + coding).

ok enough for me ... 

My question here is, why the community doesn't share all info needed about modding ... and I'll explain (btw no offence to anyone as I'm dealing just 6 months with DCS) ...

Looking on forum, I found several simple tutorials for setup and importing aircrafts, as also static things ... which is fine for this game, but still luck of info exists for naval assets (which I believe are also crucial asset for the game).

Maybe I'm wrong (so please forgive me) but, as community, willing to improve this game, we have to share our knowledge, under a "simple and understandable" way for other users, in order to have more and more mods in game.

Anyway ... I hope that you understand my point and excuse me for any English language issues as is not my native language. Also keep in mind (again) that I have no intention to insult anyone in case I'm wrong on any of my written thoughts.

Thanks for your attention guys.

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Some things regarding modding can be found here: https://forum.dcs.world/forum/69-dcs-modding/

Majority of "documents" or knowledge can be found in the modding discord of DCS. So if you haven't checked it out yet, do so.


The thing is, the most well documented type of mod for DCS is the aircraft mod. The others are way less documented. But that doesn't mean, nobody knows how to do these things. There are people who do know how to do it, and if you ask them they will also answer.

In the past, several attempts were made at documenting how to do mods for DCS, and several times those attempts simply stalled and collected dust. 

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Yes I'm sure that there are great modders out there and if I'll ask for help they will be do their best on it ... but what I'm talking about is a more organized forum structure for each category (aircrafts - ships - ground vehicles - etc) which will be more easily accessible by anyone has a question about something specific.

Also I've already read most of the documentary provided in here and mentioned discord, but still there is a huge luck of information about (for example) ships ... 

Anyway I'll stuck with current forum form and start asking more specifically about my modding issues.

Thanks guys.

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