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  1. Right. I had to think some more, and now I remember how one does it in the C-101. You tune to the corresponding TACAN channel, receive the signal. Then you press/flip a DME hold button/switch, and then you tune the VOR. I guess those Mirages haven't the DME hold implemented. Cheers!
  2. Let me be more specific. Maybe I'm a little mistaken in my memory. The C-101 comes with two different planes. The non combat trainer has TACAN, the combat version doesn't. But in the kneeboard, you have a list of the corresponding frequencies for the TACAN channels you tune into to get DME. That's what you mean, correct? Try it in the free trials? Cheers!
  3. It does work in the C-101 though. So we'll probably get it in the F1. Cheers!
  4. True that. Need to check it again, to see the difference. If it is as large as you say, something feels off. But what do I know. Anyway, I always set it to zero anyway, after "spacing" in the training. On certain other maps, this won't work anyway, due to elevation.
  5. It's just a training mission in EA. Probably some issue with the trigger. It seems you know how to do this the correct way. Cheers!
  6. Huh! I actually see the same. I'm positive it used to work. EDIT: It seems a little on and off. I don't think this is a VAICOM issue though.
  7. I agree. IMHO it comes down to whether one has fun with the module or not. After getting an FFB stick, it's impossible for me anymore, as the FFB implementation doesn't work I might try again with an ordinary joystick, as I now have a 40cm extension. Might be fun. Anyway, for what it's worth, all the long and heated discussions about the FM has taught me a lot about how helicopters work. So thanks to all you knowledgeable people! Cheers!
  8. Like I wrote in a previous post. Just press space, and it will advance. Once for each altimeter though. Cheers!
  9. Well, then I want this, and a remake of the video game in a looooong mission or campaign. With the corresponding map of course. https://images.app.goo.gl/am32bsMUCJ4nX1fc6
  10. +1 to all of the above Bookmarks, and add ability to move/delete/add more later Fast forward Time jump
  11. Yeah, an easier/quicker way would come a long way. Right now it would be quicker to to the calculations in your head as you fly. Or if there was a quick way to zero it, just let it go down from there.
  12. EF2000 did not support FFB, since FFB was not really "a thing" yet. Got my first wheel in 98 or so. Cannot remember the brand. Too bad I threw it away. But, like you said. It natively supported 3DFx, AND VR. I used the VR helmet I'm wearing in my avatar with it.
  13. Copy back one by one. Well, I guess. A couple are blameless like the input folder. But you might want to start with scripts and the export.lua, to completely to rule VAICOM in or out. Cheers!
  14. Try closing DCS and VA. Rename your Saved Games DCS folder, and then start DCS.
  15. @Rudel_chw Yeah, the "effects" are somewhat of a gimmick. But none of those are implemented in any DCS module. I agree with @Phantom_MarkCorrectly done, use of the "force part" is just invaluable. I have five second hand MS FFB2s. Flying helicopters in DCS now is "impossible" due to how trimming works like the real thing. In Warbirds and the C-101 the stick is completely limp until you get airflow over the surfaces, and I'm really curious on how the implementation in the release MB-339 will be. In the free module some "gimmick effects" were a little overdone if you ask me, especially on ground. And like I wrote elsewhere, in the F1, it's limp until you get the hydraulics running (A-10C, have this somewhat as well), and we are supposed to get real effects later that will make you feel how much stick you can pull. In the MiG-21 pulling four Gs should need the double force of two Gs. I tried to test this with a cheap China Newton meter. But I got various results. Oh, and trimming moves the stick accordingly in modules, so trimming is easy. You pull/push stick so you're level, and then trim until you don't need to. Except the C-101, as that is not how it works in the real thing. Cheers!
  16. Strange. Do you run VA as admin? Have you tried to run a FULL repair with VA off? And then start VA before you start DCS after the repair?
  17. You have to configure the PTT in the VoiceAttack settings. VAICOM works differently. Hence it's a plugin. Cheers!
  18. I'm super confident, because they did it in the C-101. Take it out for a spin in the trials if you haven't already done it, or you may already got it. Cheers!
  19. Uncheck this, and restart DCS. null EDIT: Or keep the text hidden, and press Escape and bring up the message history. |
  20. Haha! No worries. I just want this to be correct. Anyway, so it is intended and correct that "Altitude Hold" is disabled?
  21. Excellent! Thank you so much for this! Hopefully, the Mirage F1 will be supported when it receives it's own space in the user files. I ran into another issue though. I tried to type in "none" when it couldn't find it, but that didn't seem to work. Cheers! null
  22. 240? Thanks Rudel, I stand corrected. In the screenshot he's doing 239 though.
  23. Huh, this is exactly how it works for me. It's not totally accurate for me. But I press and hold the button, change the attitude and let go. And it pretty much stays in the new attitude. I fault the inaccuracy to my hardware though. Cheers!
  24. You're too fast for full flaps and gear. Limit is 225 IIRC.
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