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Fuel tank choice and channel map usage

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Hi reflected, just two curiosities:

I'm at mission 9 now and I've always had the slipper tank installed so far even if Clostermann mentions flying with the torpedo fuel tank. Why this choice? 

Do your sources point out that only the slipper tank was used?


And for the channel map, I get that it's only a free bonus and already required a lot of unpayed effort and work. But did you consider reworking it a bit more to have all missions on channel map and correct mission briefing pdfs?

For the missions that have an objective in the normandy map we could take off in the channel, load a new mission over the water etc etc much like the speed and angel campaign. I cannot speak for others but but I would gladly pay for a The big show 2.0 campaign.

Thanks for your great work!

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Hi @algherghezghez

Let me answer the questions one by one:

Fuel tanks: you'll have the torpedo tank later after D-day. But in 1943 most Spits used the Slipper tank according to photos I've seen.

Channel map: The missions that don't have a Channel map version can't be moved because the location is simply not there on the map.

Briefings: I'm planning to rework everything once the Normandy 2 map is final.

Loading: that's actually a good idea, BUT: I've got a lot of feedback - and I agree - saying it would break immersion. As soon as there is a new stage loading, why do the first one? Also, fuel management will become way easier. In Speed & Angels it's so that the player can repeat the exercises. Here it would just ruin the experience I'm afraid.

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Thanks for the reply as always.

For the fuel tank it seems I’ve just been too impatient 😅.


For the loading I get your point, having read the book I find more immersion breaking taking off and returning from another airfield. But I totally respect your point and decision. Also taking off from ford means almost no fuel management is needed anyways from my experience. 

keep up the great work! Love it 

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