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Joining my own Server

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I was under the impression I could host or make a server with DCS and join with the same account and not have to buy modules twice?

Last few days though I get "DCS server registration failed with code 401" when I log in with my 2nd computer?

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20 hours ago, BoomBoom said:

I dont run dedicated server software, I run DCS on a second computer as a server. It has worked fine like that in the past.

Just create a new account to run DCS as a server in the second computer.
There was a FIX in the past days to prevent more than 5 logins for the same user even for dedicated server, maybe that fix affect also your use case ( that anyway, even if it was usual to work in the past, it was not allowed by Terms of Service )

So basically, you need two different account.


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