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Hi All

Keep getting extract code 2 errorr when installing. :helpsmilie:

I've read some of the other post and tried doing what been advised to them i e both files in same folder, also turned off my anti virus software,

checked file sizes and apparently they are the size there mean't to be.

also downloaded both files again which must admit is a drag, take over an hour to do,

bought this game on all the rave reviews about it, in some ways wish i hadn't have bothered...should have waited for cd version,

Using windows xp pro(32) sp3,


Thanks in advance for any info so can get up and running (can't wait)...:joystick:

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When you redownloaded, did you re-download to the same folder?


You might, f.ex, have had your windows rename data1.cab into data1(1).cab due to a naming conflict. If that is the case, it won't work. The file name has to be data1.cab exactly.


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md5 is a checksum, generated by a standard for a specific file.


if the checksum of your downloaded is not the same as the checksum of the original file on the server, the file is "damaged". this happens mostly with large downloads, and/or if the connection or line quality is bad or unstable.


you can try a different method to download the files, by using a download manager. (google for "free download manager"). a downloadmanager usually keeps track of all the single small parts of a file, and is even capable to re-start a broken/stopped download.


by the way, be happy with one hour :). at release-day, i waited 8 hours... and then the file was broken too :(. for gods sake, a friend hosted the files then and i could dowload it in 40 mins...

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how do i use md5 or is a automatic program.

when downloading both files is it ok to download straight to desktop or do you have give a designated folder . has previously done straight to desktop.

Man i wish i'd waited for cd version, patience would have been virtueous...


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