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  1. Wasn't this fixed at one point?
  2. Take out the illustrious and invincible mods and try again..
  3. The IAF Jaaaaaaaaaaag is now a completely different animal with all the upgrades it has..
  4. Can't get them to fire... The trackers move and track but the launchers don't... I can't get them to fire while controlling them via CA either It's released now.
  5. Uploaded the new version to the user files. Just need to wait for it to be cleared. Also the Deck template has been modified very slightly.
  6. Jaguar, Buccaneer and UK Harriers would be great but more realistically the Hunter and Canberra will be doable. A Lynx would be awesome for Choppas.
  7. Don't think so.. But try have the dummies. Have a look at the ED models in the ModelViewer SHIP_NOSE_ON_WATERLINE_CENTER_1 -- on me SHIP_NOSE_ON_WATERLINE_L1 -- bit back on the angle SHIP_NOSE_ON_WATERLINE_R1 -- bit back on the angle SHIP_TAIL_ON_WATERLINE_CENTER_1 -- centre SHIP_TAIL_ON_WATERLINE_L1 -- on the edge SHIP_TAIL_ON_WATERLINE_R1 -- on the edge
  8. There is a file called "Nimitz_CVN_71.lods.ship_wake" it's the SHIP_WAKE file in the >>>CoreMods\tech\USS_Nimitz\Shapes Copy that file into your mods shape file and rename it accordingly... lodsfilename.lods.ship_wake open it in a text editor like Notepad++ and modify it accordingly. Now I'm back from my hols I'll do a proper write up on Sunday.
  9. I have been told there are issues with the Hermes in the patch… I am away on trapped and a pris…… cruise ship until the weekend…. if you see any bugs please post screamshots of any bugs.
  10. Which software are you using?
  11. Thanks, I'll look into it on the weekend.
  12. If you made them yourself (not from websites) and they are at ED standards then you might have a chance.
  13. I did a quick updated tech building myself New Tech building V1.0 (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  14. Probably didn't see the need for it as the role the Harrier was/is doing.
  15. It allows spot lights to cast a shadow...
  16. Different wings and avionics mainly. Oh and good luck on the EW suite for the 7/9. A GR 5 would be nice is all else fails.
  17. I made an 8 spawn file once when I was bored.... I think I still have it somewhere..
  18. I believe the new physics will be for the new S-3 first (test bed) then other tankers (maybe new models as well).. That was the original goal, if it's changed since then we don't know.
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