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  1. How did I miss this??? Love it.
  2. We're not getting the Naval Phantom...yet... When the 3rd party jets that require the Bridle is close then we will get it.. The A-4 is Community, so ED isn't interested... yet.
  3. That dance pose looks familiar. characters a whole was never my strong point, unless you want the elephant man having a stroke....
  4. Since there is a 3rd party jet (i the works) that uses it, I would guess it is being developed...
  5. Extensions are the way to go IMO as you can get better control.
  6. It's been a request long before SC. The whole Carrier spawning logic needs updated.
  7. joey45

    Crash barrier!

    It's modelled and animated it just needs the code...
  8. Just did a quick test and it's fine on my end.. Post the track and mission.
  9. Would love the Hunter.
  10. If it's that spencer guy then don't get your hopes up...
  11. Wasn't TBS the commercial version of DCS???
  12. And for the record it was only trials on Hermes... The reason why she was converted to an ASW/Commando carrier was it would cost too much to update her deck/cats and arrester equipment.
  13. They skipped 2013 for some reason.
  14. I use the spot and omni lights..
  15. Or Hey look what model I just ripped from "enter flight sim game here"
  16. And not the first time...
  17. Thanks for the plugin... Shame the compiler has stopped working.
  18. Remind me what you wanted to know?
  19. Work and real life interrupted me...
  20. Good luck, Would love to see a Jaaag in game.. GR1/3 but the A would be a good starting point.
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