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  1. It allows spot lights to cast a shadow...
  2. Different wings and avionics mainly. Oh and good luck on the EW suite for the 7/9. A GR 5 would be nice is all else fails.
  3. I made an 8 spawn file once when I was bored.... I think I still have it somewhere..
  4. I believe the new physics will be for the new S-3 first (test bed) then other tankers (maybe new models as well).. That was the original goal, if it's changed since then we don't know.
  5. I believe RAZBAM is doing a Victor Tanker.... I think.
  6. If you ever wanted to shoot an inflatable target on the sea...... now's your chance... Sea Targets V1 (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  7. The only ramped ship they can use is the Kuz... They can't use the ship mods with ramps.
  8. IT's like they were working on it for about a year...
  9. It has connectors in the model for positions along with the code... ED will have to add them.
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