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Dear all, thank you for your interest and questions on the DCS: CH-47. To address all those questions and concerns we have created this FAQ. We hope it will help give you some ideas of what to expect from this exciting new module.

What Variant is the DCS: CH-47F?
Currently, we are doing the CH-47F Block 1.

How much is the DCS: CH-47F?
During Pre-purchase you can save 30% on this module. Once it moves to Early Access it will move to an Early Access DIscount and on final release will be 69.99 USD.

When will the module be released?
The current planned release is June 2024. 

Will there be a pre-order on Steam?
Currently no, we will continue to try working with Steam to make something happen, but right now this product doesn't meet Steam's pre-order requirements.

Why is the feature list so light?
We wanted to be sure we correctly listed features and when they will come out, either at EA release or during EA. We will continue to update the list here and on the store page as we have more info. This is an important module to DCS and needs to bring all the things you might expect from such a famous helicopter. 

Will ED support and update Logisics for this module?
We can say that we are developing a novel logistics system for the CH-47F that dynamically allows the player to determine what is loaded and unloaded from the aircraft based on weight and area. Whilst this will not be available at early access release, it is a high priority for the CH-47F and other cargo/transport aircraft.

What about Multicrew?
Pilot multicrew is certainly planned for the early access release, but door or rear-gunner multicrew support is planned for after the early access release.

Why is only an M-60 gun shown in the video?
We will have options for this where you can choose either the M-60 or the M-240H. 

What about water landings?
We most certainly want to do this as an iconic aspect of this helicopter. Water landing physics needs to be added to DCS to support this and other aircraft in the future. As such this will come later on in EA development. 

Will 'Fat Cow' (FARP) missions be possible?
Yes, this is planned for the DCS: CH-47F.

How will transporting work on the DCS: CH-47F? Can we pick up downed pilots, player-controlled vehicles, cows?
We stated above we will be developing a novel logistics system for the CH-47 and other cargo/transport aircraft, when we have more details to share on what this will entail we will be sure to share.

Will our CH-47F have CMWS (Common Missile Warning System)?
This is currently planned, but as with any defensive system for any aircraft, we need to carefully consider this system and implement it in a way that will not dip too close to a controlled and classified system. As such this will come later on in development. 

You may ask questions you would like to see added to the CH-47 and added to the FAQ here 

We thank you for all the support you have shown us and the passion that drives you all to keep pushing us to do our best and release the very best products we can. 
The ED Team


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