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Logitech G940 Review on Black Shark


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Did anyone can give a review on the new Logitech G940?


I need to know:


-Are the "new" Logitech FF-Effects available on the G940? (Stiffer when faster, loose when slow and so on...)


-Did the "Mini-Joystick"- Analog CoolieHat work properly with the Shkval? (The TM Cougar analog coolie hat seems to make trouble and only slew's with stutter on the TM Cougar


-Are there HALL-Sensors also on the rotaries and the trim rotaries? Or only at X,Y and Throttle(Z)?





P.s.: I know BeachAV8R article on SimHQ. But he didn't test Black Shark in his test.

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See Here:




A helluva lot of Threads already on just the Info that you want ;)

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Well i found the G940 to be a total disappointment a seriously bad product.. for 300 $ i can't believe this !!!

A good try but seriously bad!!! Wait for a second version.. Do not buy..


Do you have a more detailed review? (I really would like to know your thoughts as I see myself having one soon)..


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Well if you look into EcoDragon 's review it's basically what he said apart that i wouldn't be that nice. I sorry that they didn't come out with a better product but they probably had the XBOX 360 in mind. The new X65 saitek is an other miss with the new technology for pressure force.. seriously you wonder what they were thinking about.. For now i think the best pedal as non pro and under 100 $ are the CH's also suffering from being narrow and a nasty clunk center but at list it's not expensive and their stick is the same way with no FFB.. so maybe the best cheaper stick combo with throttle is the X45/52 for the price.. but at the moment on that price range there is no good hardware beside being for games.


The best that i can recommend is for you to test different styles and brands and take the one that you feel good on..

Fly it like you stole it..

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Well, I certainly like mine and it's replacing my Saitek X52 Pro & Pro Pedals.


It, like many new products, has it's bumps and quirks, but all in all it's one of the best HOTAS solutions available and the FFB adds a whole new dimension. I can understand how some may not like it but I don't understand how someone can completely condemn it and recommend not buying.


I have had mine for 3 weeks now and am very content. And I learn something new about it every day :smilewink:.


Look around at other reviews (good and bad) and then maybe ask specific questions ... there is beginning to be a body of knowledge for the G940 here at the DCS forums.

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Thx for your input guys, indeed I read EcoDragon's review but it's probably the only really negative review I've found about it.

Since I have an msFFB2 (modded with ministick from a logitech gamepad :D ) the only alternatives for me are to buy a "less used" msFFB2 or the G940.. ;)

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I took a look at the review too. IMO there are too many good things about this combo that are overlooked here. On the negative points, it is important to note that there is no "deadzone" at the center, it is "play" (or "slop"). If it were a deadzone then no control would be possible in this zone. This zone is also controllable through software according to Logitech, and apparently there are some games in which this "slop" is not present. With all that said, Logitech needs to make it possible to remove this play from the stick for non-FFB games and for older FFB games. So I definitely put this in the nuisance (and growing) category, but the rest of the stick is quite impressive.


Regarding the pedals, I'm not a lightweight and I don't see the evidence of chintzy design that the review reports on. Maybe I need to gain more weight. The only small complaint I have is of a tiny amount of stiction, that sometimes interferes with very small tweaks to the pedal positions.


There are a few more small issues, but none of them really register with me as game changers.


So what's my final verdict? Well starting at 100%, I'd take off 5% for the stiction in the pedals and between 5% and 50% for the "slop". It really depends on the game and how well you can deal with it. As far as I'm concerned, this slop just shouldn't be there. If this really is just a software thing as Logitech points out, then there is no reason why it shouldn't be possible to turn it off in any game. I've been able to deal with it ok for now, but if this problem isn't addressed in the near future, I won't be happy.


Verdict: Right now the G940 = 90%

However, this score will go down by 5% for each game I play and each month that goes by in which this problem is not addressed.

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-Bazong- get it and test it for yourself make sure that if you don't like it that you can give it back. The best tester is yourself.


I'm biased since i'm used to the real thing.


Yes that would be best, depending on how it compares - I'll know if I need to stock up on good used msFFB2's :P Or if I can finally put to rest after loooooong and loyal service...


I'm hoping my final verdict will be the latter.

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