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How to configure a Logitec Gamepad

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I recently purchased a Logitec Gamepad and I am curious to know if I can use it with my Lock on game or do I have to use a joystick?


I have tried playing lock on with the game pad and only one of the buttons works. If I can use the gamepad can anyone tell me where I can learn how to configure properly?


Perhaps if I update Lock on to the most recent version it will work better?


Can you please tell me where I could get the latest update for Lockon?


Thank you,



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cli k on the lockon flaming cliffs above.. to the left of "Buy Now BLACK SHARK" - everything you need to update LOMAC is there.


as to the gamepad... I really really really reallly reeeeeaaaaaaaalllllly suggest a joystick. I am sure it could be done but and equally sure your disappointment would stain your impression of this wonderful sim.

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Welcome to Lock On! So, yes, you really need a joystick, but to program it for FC2-

Start it up and click on "options"

Select the "controls" tab

Pick a plane and find the function you want to map to the controller. Click on the space in the correct row for the function, and the correct column for the gamepad(I think it's the second column. )

Now, click on "add" near the bottom and press the button you want mapped for your function.

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