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  1. Thanks so much, but sorry I'm not working on these skins anymore, at least for now. And yeah, no download links now, sorry.
  2. Limiting which countries that can use an aircraft skin is possible through the last line of the description.lua file that should be included in your skin folder. The last line will look like: countries = {} Inside the {}, add a country in quotes ("") to allow that country to use the skin, with a comma between each country. Please note, however, that you must know the specific country abbreviations, for example "Turkey" does not work, "TUR" must be used. I am not aware of any list of all country abbreviations, but they should be easy to find by looking through the different skins' files. In the end it will look like this(taken from A-10C Grey skin code): countries = {"TUR", "UK", "NETH", "BEL", "DEN"} Hope this helps.
  3. Yes, DCS World contains a two free planes, the SU-25T(Russain ground attack plane) and the TF-51(non combat P-51). You'll be able to use these planes in single player and online multi player missions.
  4. I use WinRar, but the default unzipper that comes with Windows should work fine. Here's a guide that will hopefully help. For this tutorial I will be using a user-made F-15C skin, but it should be the same for any plane. 1) Unzip the downloaded skin package. (You can see here, for me it is 'Extract files' because I'm using WinRar, but the 'unzip' option in Windows should work the same.) 2) Unzipping the zip file should create a new folder. (This part can be done differently once you get the hang of it, but I'll try and explain it in the most understandable way.) Now keep going down into the folders of the new folder until you reach the dds files. Note: Some skin creators will do thing differently, you may only have to go down into 2 folders, or sometimes a few more depending on what they do, but this doesn't change anything. 3) Now go up just one level, so you can select the folder containing all the dds files. Move it into Program Files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS Wolrd/Bazar/Liveries/[aircraft] by copying/pasting, or dragging it in. The skin will now be select-able in the loadout options in the mission editor of the game. Hope this helps, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.
  5. So when you download a new skin, first you want to unzip it so you get the folder with the .dds files in it. After that, copy(or cut) the folder with the dds files in it, then paste it into: [install directory]/Eagle Dynamics/DCS World/Bazar/Liveries/[aircraft], where [aircraft] is the aircraft that the skins are for. If everything went right, you should be able to select the skin in the mission editor. Hope this helps.
  6. Looks great, thanks for making all these awesome Ace Combat skins.
  7. I have this exact same problem. I'm not sure what could be causing it, but so far I have only gotten this bug when playing multiplayer. Although due to the seemingly random nature of the bug, I couldn't say if it is exclusive to multiplayer games or not.
  8. Hello, and welcome to the DCS forums! For your problems, I would recommend making sure the game is up to date by running Start Menu > All Programs > Eagle Dynamics > DCS World > Update DCS World. The first problem was dealt with in a past update, where they inverted the needle to point correctly. The second problem is known, and might have been fixed in the most recent update(but I haven't played much of the new version yet so I don't know).
  9. I'm getting the same problem in the latest update. For changing radar range with an analog input, the device reaches the minimum radar range about 60% of the way down, so sliding it even further down does nothing. Checked on multiple axis.
  10. Most of the info you're looking for can be found in the most recent newsletter here. A quick summary: new graphics engine, new planes, new maps, lots of new awesomeness. No, current modules will not be outdated, and can be flown in DCS World 2(as far as I understand).
  11. 1: You can order an Oculus dev kit at their main site here. However, I do not recommend buying one, as these are meant for developers to make and test games on before the final product is out, it is not meant for consumer use. 2: I don't have one, but what I've seen/read, it is very immersive, and will be a great piece of tech to use with DCS once it is done. I have also heard that the DK2 does not have a high enough resolution to comfortably read cockpit instruments. 3: It is recommended to have a system that can run your game at a consistent ~70 fps at the resolution of the Oculus. I forgot exactly which video output the Oculus supports, but it is something standardized like HDMI or VGA. 4: Yes, Oculus tracks head movement, so you won't need Track IR when using it.
  12. Lock On is no longer required to play FC3, you simply need to install DCS World before any other module.
  13. Page 53 of the manual: "The small needle point to an altitude in km (scale 3) while the big needle points tens of m (1)." Does this mean that every tick for the small needle is 3km? So when you reach the 5th tick, you'd be at 15km? Thank you.
  14. Sel94

    F-15 JASDF

    Great skin, thanks for the hard work! I'll definitely be flying with it!
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