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Are failures enabled in training missions?


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I have very rarely run into an issue during some of the training missions where a system or two seems to be all skiddlywhumpuss (to use the technical term... :smartass: )


For example, the other day I ran the Guns and Rockets mission. Everything seemed to be operating normally, but when I made my first rocket pass, and started to close on the 2 mile range, instead of the range line unwinding on the CCIP reticle, the reticle itself "fell off" the bottom of the HUD and the CCIP gun cross popped up (though stationary) near the center of the HUD with an additional X across it. This behaviour persisted throughout the mission, always at the point where I would expect it to start unwinding...


The next time I ran the mission, no problem!


Kinda the same thing with the backup (analog) instruments... Sometimes they work fine, sometimes they spin wildly even with gentle manuevers...


So, I'm wondering if failures are enabled in the training missions, or is there an issue (maybe with the temporary files... :huh: )?

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Thanks for your reply...


I was pretty sure that was going to be the answer... It didn't make a lot of sense that you'd throw failures in on top of all that learnin'! :)


And truth be told, it doesn't happen all that often. I only brought it up because of that wacky CCIP pipper behaviour...


I'll keep any eye on it and check in again if I have anything more to add!

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