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A-10 Books


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I've just finished "A-10 over Kosovo" - BTW brilliant and very exciting! - and I wonder what more books about A-10 there are, specially for Afganistan campaign, where A-10C began to operate.


Can anybody give me a clue?




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A10s over Iraq (1st gulf war) Smallwood is the author. Forget his first name, A10-A's but very readable:)



Flying the A-10 in the Gulf War"

by William L. Smallwood

ISBN # 1-57488-886-2

about $9 where you can find it.




It was a great book, I highly recommend it! I also highly recommend another book of his: "Strike Eagle: Flying the F-15E in the Gulf War". Obviously it doesn't have any A-10s in it, but it was a fascinating look into the lives of the MudHen pilots, and gives some interesting glimpses into the operations and tactics they used.


I still need to pick up A-10s over Kosovo for myself; I'm excited to read it!



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You don't have to pay big prices ($33) to get it either, check Amazon.Com


New stock.



or 2nd hand stock even cheaper.



I bought my copy 2nd hand (listed as used-good). Seriously I could hardly tell it wasn't a new book.


I paid $0.26 for my copy last year with $12.49 shipping to the UK for a total of $12.75. BARGAIN!

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