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  1. I would recommend to post the evidence in the bugs section to have proper trackability.
  2. So, according to this source, after the sucessful employment of the rushed pre-production assets during ODS, the SLAM saw a small facelift in 1993 named SLAM P3I (Pre-Planned Product Improvement), in what would become the definitive SLAM standard used in Bosnia and other 90's conflicts. This version apparently included an improved autopilot plus other QoL enhancements. Since the article I mentioned before mentions a "newly GPS-only guidance tactics" and didn't say a word about new hardware been tested, I would assume that this improved version could indeed support a GPS-only attack although it was not common practise until very late in the operational life of the missile, and that a Bosnian/Kosovo kind of SLAM standard could fit very well with this capability, although an early ODS variant will likely not. And yeah, 0.0 CEP is not correct, neither for SLAM or JDAM or any other weapon in game, hopefully ED will gradually improve guidance realism with CEP modeling at some point.ç Regards
  3. Wow you really want the world burn!
  4. So, apparently AGM-84E GPS-only accuracy was not that bad and indeed, it might perform more closely now than in the initial implementation https://man.fas.org/dod-101/sys/smart/docs/tst_c21299.htm Best regards
  5. Nice substantial report! Unfortunately the AUTO mechanics are not trivial and therefore I expect ED to take their time to model it properly
  6. Currently TWS AUTO centers the scan to L&S target. In reality it should center on the centroid of the established track files. I can provide evidence via PM if needed.
  7. I just want a F/A-18C++ Object Oriented Hornet
  8. It would be nice to guide SLAM-ER or any other MITL weapon from a diferent aircraft than the original vector. This capability is very real and profusely used in recent conflicts.
  9. Hi @Vibora Do you plan to bring the ex-qatar F1EQA (the ones acquired by the EdA in 1994) at some point? They had some AG advanced capabilities, like CCIP bombing modes.
  10. I don't really understand the relationship between ccip and GPS availability... It should feed from the AGR or, if not available, the radio altimeter.
  11. Third parties (e.g. Heatblur) have developed in some cases quite complex INS drift simulations. I would expect nothing less from ED.
  12. I agree, it's a fundamental feature of MITL weapons, hopefully ED will implement the needed interfaces soon (JF-17 suffers same problem)
  13. Honestly, ED should drop the AG classification filtering for SAM interceptions and just take into account store RCS regardless the type
  14. What is the peculiarity of this missile compared with the existing Sparrows?
  15. Has the seeker logic changed as well? It's more realistically modelled in the F-16
  16. There quite a bunch of highly expected bugfixes and features to come more important that the Slam-er, if you ask me
  17. Is it possible to disable Link 16 in the mission editor?
  18. As stated, the problem is really evident in large targets such as frigates, HARMS always impact on ship centroid instead of the actual radar emitter.
  19. As the title says, is SAM Multiple engagement capability (in the SA-10 for example) modelled in DCS?
  20. Hi, any news on this? I really love the SA-4 and it would add a nice tactical dimension to current IADS in game
  21. Fantastic post @Fri13 I would add absolute lack of wind correction in CCIP and AUTO modes
  22. Artic scenery anyone?
  23. Unfortunately we have perfectly boresighted Mavs, in comparison with Viper's. We don't have even the option (existing in RL). I would love Mavs in the Hornet gets improved to the level of the Viper's.
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