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I'm not a programmer, games designer, or anything related to developing games. Hell, I doubt this is even possible.


I was going to throw you the sales pitch but I'll skip it: Is it possible the render some things on the screen at a faster framerate then others, to conserve energy?


All theoretical stuff but here is an example. Lets say a computer runs DCS A-10C at a steady 30FPS. Now lets change the performance. Lets make slow-moving and distant objects (things on the screen that are in the background) run at 20FPS, while making nearby units, your aircraft, and missiles run at 60FPS. Everything else would sit at 40FPS.


Does this make sense? Have different parts of the screen update more then others.

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Impossible, not even close. Back when I did robotics, our robot used a combination of fast code(code that would cycle continuously e.g. sensors, cameras, and speed controllers) and slow code(code that cycled every half second or so e.g. position, voltage, cylinder pressure, temperature, and other non-time critical processes. That way, when you needed to input a command to move, the robot would respond almost instantaneously without being bogged down by scrap processes like a hydro pressure monitor.


I assume it is mostly the same stuff at work here although in a graphics setting rather than a purely logical one, running some code slower than others, allows the stuff that needs to be constantly running to do so without seriously murdering any specific process.

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Yeah, however this has nothing to do with FPS. Its multiple logic cycles, each running at a different clock depending on their level of importance. Rendering is usually done for all visible objects alltogether. There are other techniques to boost performance for distant objects like decreasing the level of detail, using billboards (flat sprites) instead, and so on.



congrats to myself for answering this 6 months old post ^^


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