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Trigger explosion on start

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I am pretty new at this, I see that you can set up triggers to trigger an explosion.


I want to simulate one of the airbases that got attacked before this mission started, that way when the pilot flies over that airport he can see the devastation from the attack.


I want this to happen right out of the gates, and not necessarily sometime during the flight, obviously to simulate that it had happened before this mission. The only way that I can think of with what I know, is to have a trigger at the starting airport and then a trigger at the airport that you want exploded. Is this the only way to do it, or is there an initial loading script that I can do to make it happen without the initial Trigger point?

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The only way I know of is to put a trigger zone around the airport you want bombed, specify in the explosion action the volume of the explosion to match the radius number in the trigger zone, and presto, one big-ass explosion at the start of the mission with flames and smoke.

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I donno if it will work with the "Mission Start" trigger type, but

Once->Time More(1)->Explosion(explosion size, zone) works just fine- unfortunately, the buildings will burn for a while.


So lay down a zone centered at any point you want a crater or a building destroyed, and just make a trigger that is Once->Time More (1)-> Explosion(1000, zone1), Explosion(1000, zone2), etc.

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