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  1. I don't know if this is intentional or not but the Apache training missions 1, 2, and 3 all force the player to start in game flight/avionics mode. The rest of them are fine and launch in my preferred options of all-simulation mode. null
  2. Open Beta Steps to reproduce: 1) Designate waypoint as target 2) Switch to SCENE mode 3) slew it off the waypoint a bit 4) press TDC depress 5) observe in the ATFLIR pod that the selected waypoint is now designated where the FLIR is pointing 6) slew the FLIR, see it dragging the waypoint with it 7) Undesignate it as a TGT, select WPT on HSI, and see that the original waypoint has changed its coordinates to where the FLIR was pointing at Hornet FLIR TGT WPT demo.miz f-18 slewing flir pod slews waypoint.trk
  3. none of my bindings worked either when I took control in the replay. I opened your track in the mission editor, re-saved it, and they were working again ingame. Very bizarre.
  4. looks like the target coordinate message gave it incorrectly in meters
  5. You've set the elevation to 978 meters when it should be 978 feet. 978 meters is just over 3000 feet, so it was trying to hit something in mid-air.
  6. only the engines and treads get hot, compared to every other tank in that convoy which also have the rest of the chassis heat up eventually to stand out as well. is that intended? i dont know enough about the Abrams technology to know if its a bug or not
  7. Hey there, I have narrowed it down to the Abrams tank either not having the new heat maps implemented or flipped. The mission demonstrates this: testing hornet nite flir.miz
  8. yeah no, they are definitely inverted. you can't tell me those moving tanks at night are black hot. they are clearly white hot (the civilian traffic is black hot, however...)
  9. actually it looks more like ground objects have their polarity inverted again
  10. one thing i'd like to see added to ships is the deployment of chaff. I'm not sure if every military ship in the game (minus subs) carries chaff but surely some of them do. video for reference of what one system of it looks like in action (starts at 0:56)
  11. haven't really noticed it to be honest. way less pronounced than the Tomcat's.
  12. this thread should be moved to the Supercarrier forum since this is a function that needs the DCS: Supercarrier to work.
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