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Battery switch


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I just did the BFT 1st mission and forgot to turn on the battery but even so still managed to get all systems working and failed the mission due to the battery switch being off. Should the aircraft manage to start eventhough the battery is off and I have not requested external power?(BTW MFDs, radios still worked)



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Not sure exactly how the electrical systems of the A-10 work, but technically, once you have a generator running to supply AC and an inverter to convert it to DC, there should be no need for the battery at all (just like in your car). The question is, is it possible to get the engines/APU (at least one of which is needed to run the generators) started without the battery on? I never tried. I would have thought that the battery or external power was necessary for APU start.


Another possibility is perhaps battery power to the APU isn't interrupted by the battery switch.

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Shouldn't have happened, I know I've tested and it didn't work in earlier versions but not the latest...guess I need to check. You do not turn the battery off until you have shut down everything else on the jet.


You cannot start the APU without the battery, you can without the inverter but that is only for extreme weather (cold) and you turn the inverter on right after starting and stabilized.


Did you have external power on? That would allow start of systems even without battery/inverter.

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