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  1. So same exact response paying costumers have heard for over a year with ZERO actual updates or information.
  2. So based on your responses all we are getting for the A-10C 2 is the radio and maybe some bug fixes? is ALQ-184 long and additional TAD symbology not gonna happen?
  3. We’ve been hearing this for a year and at this point it’s a blatant slap in the face to paying customers. Basically the A-10C has zero priority and we shouldn’t expect anything anytime soon.
  4. I have not but it’s in my “to do” list
  5. Appears to be the case but I’m sure we’ll eventually get the same post we’ve gotten for over a year… ”when the programmer has time they’ll get back to the A-10C v2” ignoring it was released over 1.5 years ago with little updates or bug fixes and zero additions of promised features such as the ARC-210 or long 184.
  6. Year or so ago ED said they were going to add some symbology/features to the TAD as part of the A-10ac v2 upgrade but it’s been super quiet on the subject (and any other bug fixes or planned features such as the long 184, ARC-210, missing HMCS symbology (I.e. what shows for AI Hornets and Vipers isn’t the same as clients) and based on comments from Nineline I don’t expect any of the actual missing HMCS symbology to be added).
  7. Even on the real jets nose illumination on bright isn’t that bright and wearing NVGs for night air refueling is the norm now days not the exception.
  8. That was for A models not C models and for the Mav screen.
  9. Classified isn’t an actually “informational category” in the DoD anymore. Could spend hours explaining export controls and DoD information classification but everyone would fall asleep before they reached the halfway point. lol
  10. Classified isn’t the correct terminology but everything, including what we have now, is secret. It’s just a matter of what ED has been allowed to add. I’m overly critical of ED at times but understand these limitations. What frustrates me is when communication isn’t clear or it is ambiguous. That being said I for sure can’t understand why something like threat rings are okay in one module but not another. Only thing I can think is the A-10C (v1 and v2) are direct results of DoD contracts which likely have clauses specific to the consumer product where as the Hornet, Viper, and Apache (to my knowledge anyways) are not.
  11. I’ve only seen the ALQ-184 long on A-10a at Moody and Whiteman over the last 10 plus years. Not exactly sure when we transitioned from the short pod though. We carried the short version at Moody and Osan in the mid/late 90s
  12. ha ha ha okay if you say so. So it’s okay they have one for the Hornet, Viper, and Apache but not for the A-10C v2…and the A-10C v2 hasn’t had a meaningful update or bug fixes for over a year. we don’t need an unofficial roadmap/faq we want a statement on what is planned for the module from ED.
  13. Like I’ve said a few times….a roadmap thread would likely reduce most of these type of threads. I guess as long as the DM folks are happy with what they’ve gotten from their contract we’re just out of luck.
  14. it does encryption without needing the Ky-58, you can change presets/freqs through the UFC, and depending on what ED decides to code “when a programmer becomes free” we may have two radios managed by one head unit.
  15. Maybe an official statement in a newsletter or a roadmap thread on what is still planned when “a programmer becomes available” would stop all the complaining and questions or at least provide a location for those with issues could be pointed to. Otherwise all we’ve gotten for almost a year is the same statement you posted above. Which to be honest is basically a slap in the face for paying customers who expected at least some development movement on a product they purchased.
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