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KLR Rico's cheap "pit"

KLR Rico

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Forums like this inspired me to build a pit, and they turned out to be a source of ideas for construction features so I thought I'd share my own build in case it helps someone else out in the future.


Here's my current setup. The primary factor that influenced this build was low cost. Another consideration was use for other flying sims and racing games. The whole setup lives in the corner of my basement... I would have rather put it somewhere more "livable" but my wife wasn't too excited to have this monstrosity on display anywhere else. :P




The monitor is a Polaroid 32" LCD running at 1366x765. I got it for free from craigslist because it wouldn't turn on. I found some bad capacitors on the power supply board, replaced them at a cost of $10 and now it works like a champ. I would like to upgrade to a 32" 1080p monitor in the future, but this one does the job for now. The TV stand was constructed from bed frame rails I scrounged up on trash day. It's pretty stable and the keyboard shelf is large enough to mount my Logitech wheel for racing games.


The chair is an AK Rocker, which I found on craigslist for $30. I didn't want it to rock freely, so I made a platform from 2x4's that allows the chair to move, but has enough friction to hold it in position.


Headtracking is through freetrack. In the picture I'm using a old webcam, but I've since swapped it out for a Playstation Eye.


Hotas is the Saitek X52. I think I got it for ~$80 from eBay. I'd really like to get the TM warthog one day, but that will require some savings first. :D




I wanted the stick center moutnted, and removable. What I came up with was to use an old patio umbrella rod to allow for adjustement and removal. I drilled a slightly undersized hole through the chair with a spade bit, jammed the umbrella rod through it, and then secured the rod with a pop rivet. The upper half is a 2x4 with a hole drilled in it for the other section of the umbrella rod, which is secured in place with a screw.




I'm using the Logitech Z-640 ($50 from craigslist) for sound. The rear speakers are mounted to the chair with some cut & bent aluminum scraps.

i5-4670K@4.5GHz / 16 GB RAM / SSD / GTX1080

Rift CV1 / G-seat / modded FFB HOTAS

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I think it looks good, I wish I could mount my speakers into the back of my chair. I have to move my chair to my pit when I want to fly.

i7-4820k @ 3.7, Windows 7 64-bit, 16GB 1866mhz EVGA GTX 970 2GB, 256GB SSD, 500GB WD, TM Warthog, TM Cougar MFD's, Saitek Combat Pedals, TrackIR 5, G15 keyboard, 55" 4K LED


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