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Maverick Targeting Mod Question


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Is it possible to alter the way the Maverick targeting works on the MFCD. I've tried altering the slew rates and such but its really difficult for me because of limited functionality in my hand to control it.


Ideally I'd like to make it so that whenever i slew the cross hairs it auto ground stabilizes. Like how it works when I have Active Pause on with Mavericks enabled. Whenever I slew it with A.P. on the cross hair stays put. Is it possible to alter this in live flight?


I've been looking over the ..\config\weapons\missiles_table but I don't know what values do what.

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Try this:


Fist off, make sure your Slew hat and TMS hat are on different controllers. (i.e. slew on the throttle and TMS on the stick) You want to do this so you can readily access the necessary controls while slewing.


Line up your attack so that your TVV is close to the target.


Engage autopilot (this works best in a dive, with PATH HOLD autopilot engaged IMHO)


Start to slew the Maverick towards the target


Once the tracking gate of the Mav gets near the target press TMS down short to stop the seeker from slewing (and ground stabilize it)


Chances are you will need to refine again, slew in the direction of the target and TMS down short and try to land very near the target...


Eventually you can get to the point where the Maverick looks ground stabilized after and during every slew to someone watching over your shoulder. It's just a matter of becoming comfortable with the switchology


I'm including a track for you to watch, it might help


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