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MultiMonitor Setup Help


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Hey all,


I've searched the forums and found some helpful hints on how to accomplish what i'm trying to do with my setup. I'm just not schooled very much in the coding.


I've got 2 monitors both 21" running resolution of 1280X1024


The one on the right is my main and the left is secondary, as in the settting on my graphics card


I would like to have the right monitor as my main (cockpit) view and the secondary as my f2 Camera


Im running Lockon FC2 with the Virtual Blue Angels Mod (flying the #5 Jet)


Sorry if it is tedious but I just cant figure it out


If someone could get the coding right in Notepad++ and send it or post it I would be forever grateful (plus I can see how its done!!)


Thanks in advance for any help with this matter:helpsmilie:

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Will not work - DCS doesn't support the the simultaneous output of different Viewports that doesn't share the same camera origin for the end-user level.


That means:

Three different (and even more) view-ports of the cockpit-view = no problem.

Two different view ports that aren't sharing the same place = not possible by DCS.



Note: Viewports aren't the same as a Export of a avionic device.


workaround: You will have to run a second machine that is a client and tracks your plane via a server.

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Yes off course you can set-up two different view-ports that are pointing to different directions in the cockpit.

Look in this thread The Cube- I have posted many examples of monitorsetup.luas that have more than one View-port and it is achieved by editing the Dx/Dy values.

But , as I wrote in post #2, you cant make them independent or static - when you move view-port 1 it will also move the other view-ports.

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you can't do this in FC2. In FC2 you can only have 1 camera viewpoint with wide FoV spanned accross more than 1 monitor where all these monitors have to be seen by the sim as 1 monitor (either using TrippleHead2Go or Eyefinity group and if there is Eyefinity equivalent with nVidia cards, which I don't know about)

No longer active in DCS...

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