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DM&FM for AI need improvement


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I find that the the AI can fly stright and level with right flap lost and even make a full left flap down landing without any trim or aileron/rudder input.

And it seems to be that AI can use the full militry power for combat more than 30 minutes, not 15 on the manual. Or the overheat of engine is not woking yet?






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This is most likely to keep CPU use down to reasonable levels. The AI has a simplified aircraft model. It does not have to worry about engine temp, engine torque, or damage to specific components. This puts the AI at a bit of an advantage, but it's not invincible if you're mindful of this.


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Is the Dora AI on an average difficulty setting flying at Simulation level or Game level?

It looks that damage has very little effect on its performance.

Any information available?


Hi Kadin,

Interesting comment!

I've hammer'd the Dora with many rounds and observed little difference in how it flys - until that majic single hit that seems to blow things up.


Certainly a lot of work needed here. Hopefully, these needed AI changes will be forthcoming with the advent of WW2 series by Ilya.



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