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  1. Probably when DCS WW2 will be out...:thumbup:
  2. At first, P38 were built for escorting bombers over Germany. But then they figured out it was not so good against German fighters. A lot were used for recon as well. I'd like to see Typhoons one day.
  3. Fantastic ride! I always loved this plane. A must have for any WW2 flight sim. Can't wait to see it with DCS high fidelity modelling.
  4. Or plane correctely trimmed can let enough time to find anything (like the cigar you just slipped out of your hand!) :)
  5. +1 Even though sometime i swear out loud against his incredible climbing ability...:)
  6. That's a kind of security. This way i don't have to always have an eye stuck on the temp gauge... Furthermore, it doesn't seem P51 has speed penalty with all opened (of what i can see). Nothing like the Spitfire or BF 109E anyway.
  7. Can't believe what i'm seeing! Looks fantastic! :thumbup: I wish you happy new year, and may 2014 be THE year for you!
  8. This, and you have to "feel" the plane when doing tight manoeuvres. P51 is prone to nasty stalls at any speed when not carefull on the stick! High altitudes manouvres are the worst for me.
  9. Hmm...i'm afraid it's coming from your side...hardware or commands mapping, i don't know. I can assure you P51 is fine here, and can do all kind of manoeuvres without "flipping out", as far as i'm gentle on stick, and respecting this warbird flying caracteristics. Maybe you should have a look on the P51 DCS full manual? Very informative reference. Your father should stick on it and don't give up! It took a while for me to fly it correctely, anyway :thumbup:
  10. Haha...agreed Bongo! With DCS team, i'm very confident on the future planes FM accuracy, best proof for me beeing what they did with P51 (and others modules BTW). I don't have any fear for DCS WW2 on that matter...neither on the fantastic cockpits eye candy i saw through the WIP screenshots! But a stunning sim needs a wonderful detailed accurate map IMO. Just like in a restaurant, i can't really appreciate a delicious meal in a crappy environment! To me, it's very important for immersion. Environment is fully part of the whole thing. But i can understand for some, it's not that important...
  11. Hi, If you devs, could give us same detailed and quality map as the one that was made for CloD, in future Normandy area, i'll be a very very happy customer :thumbup: Not that the current DCS one is bad, don't get me wrong i'm enjoying it, but the artist (s) involved in this other sim made an awesome job IMO. I'm at lost with who made what, and who will be working where, in future DCS WW2, but i hope you will be able to release same kind of job. Of what i saw on current WIP map/scenary screenshots, it seems to me it's pretty close to CloD high detailed map...very good point! :thumbup: But i also wish you'll have a special attention to the sea rendering (and rivers). Of course, it's as important as the terrain! And that's probably the weak point of DCS map (to me)... Best sea rendering of all flight sims i tried remains the CloD one, in all honesty, so i hope you will be able to take up the challenge!
  12. Happy Christmas to all virtual flyers from Pacific islands. May 2014 brings us the ultimate simulation!
  13. You are on the right way! Realism and best accuracy as possible IS the key for a real simulation!...You are going to deliver to the virtual flying community a trully piece of art :thumbup: I wish you all the success you deserve working this way!
  14. Good AI (even though it could exist!) is the hardest part of any sim. It would require tons and tons of coding to close a human behavior! But basically it could be doable to code all human reactions IMO.
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