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  1. Looked for your server this a.m., not showing up.
  2. Apologies, new at this. Sent the wrong file. Hope this is the one you are looking for. dcs.zip
  3. Several crashes in last 2 weeks to the desktop. Computer is frozen. This last one in a Spitfire on tarmac pressing comms button. Seems to happen after being online. Thanks Latest updates and all software upgraded to latest dcs.20210814-222307.zip
  4. You are generous in your figures.
  5. Naming conventions in all the aircraft in DCS are very problematic. They need to do a wholesale change in all areas to conform to standard military naming conventions. For example: Cap/Field/Men's Not: Men's field cap. or . . . Field cap Men's Noun first followed by adjectives to describe it. ie., What kind of Cap? The main article is a Cap. The main article is not Field and it is not Men's This puts the article in a proper nomative and alphabetical listing with descriptive adjectives that is easier to locate in a list.
  6. The DeWilde bullet did not have a smoking tracer. It was a contact only thermal bullet. It did not burn on the way to the target like standard tracers would.
  7. For sale - Winwing Orion Joystick FA-18 and base. $299.00 USD plus shipping to you. New, unopened box. Save big on duties, import fees and taxes. Prefer to sell in Canada but . . . will ship to the U.S. PM me for details. Cheers Orion Joystick FA-18| WWSIMSTORE
  8. Just one more adjustment I have made is: to ensure that I do not have engines cut-out (mapped) by enthusiastic throttle pull-back through the idle detent, I have set a modifier key for the engine cut out. Pulling back passed the idle detent does nothing unless the modifier key is also pressed.
  9. My experience is that the "feel" push-through resistance is directly related to the amount of friction settings applied to the throttle arms. Less resistance - easy pushthrough and vica versa.
  10. Over the many pages in various threads that discuss the power of various calibre weaponry, one thing is not really discussed in more detail is the iniqueness of the round fired. Notwithstanding the .50 cal round compared to a 20mm round, the Armour Piercing Incendiary projectile (API) is quite phenomenal in itself. Fired in volume from 6 or 8 barrels can really do a lot of damage. Not knowing how the programmers have determined kinetic energy at impact, projectile penetration and then incendiary damage for the .50 cal. API, I'm wondering if the values need tweaking in addition to the damage values in the receiving target? I would also add the DeWilde .303 for British aircraft to this concern.
  11. My TM stick has a digital control for the wheel brakes. When applying the brake lever, it immediately goes full on or full off. The Spitfire, with the same setup, has a slower response to the braking action and is shown visually on the control column lever. I would like to see the Spitfire method applied to the Mosquito. In order to use analogue, I would have to map rudder pedals but would prefer to keep controls as realistic as possible. Thanks, Catseye
  12. Yes it can. Just select the correct option in the bindings.
  13. A8 version designed for ground-pounding. An A4, A5 or A9 would give better AA performance.
  14. Even with throttles pulled fully back is this real? For example, descending from altitude at idle is impossible because of the warning sound.
  15. See Growling Sidewinder's YouTube video on Mossie combat with the FW190.
  16. D:\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\MosquitoFBMkVI\Doc
  17. For me, if an aircraft has an engine fire or fuel tank fire, then the pilot should immediately bale out. and . . . . . . if piloted by a user, the screen should go black within several seconds if the real pilot does not bale out thus indicating death as per a crash does. Both online and offline.
  18. Thanks for the reply but this is for color and I need Font Size.
  19. Can anyone point me to where I can change the FPS Counter Font Size? Thanks
  20. Hi BTD, I think your cockpit sound with the hot-fix is superb. I have a full hi-end sound system connected and did some tonal testing. I found that when the bass is turned up, the new canopy wind sound is very rumbly and not realistic . . . . but when the bass is turned down/off so that it nears realistic cockpit sounds that I have heard watching vids of all types of aircraft, the sound is spot on. Many virtual aircraft enthusiasts like to hear the prominent rumble or "kicking in" of AB/Reheat. Regrettably, turning up the bass to satisfy this desire is applied across all of the sound envelope. In this case, I don't think that prominent AB/Reheat and "realistic" cockpit sounds can be achieved together in high-end audio systems. For me, I choose to adjust my audio to achieve the best in-cockpit sound that I can obtain for my system at the expense of lower frequency sounds. Well done! Cats . . .
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