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Need a bit of help


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Hello all,


Just downloaded DCS World (the latest version)


I have also downloaded the DCS A10 module and applied that to DCS World which is running fine. My question is do I need to apply any updates to this?




I have Black Shark 1 (boxed version) and I have the Black Shark 2 downloaded upgrade version. The question is how do apply these to DCS World and which serial number would I use?





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To check for updates go to start/ all programs /eagle dynamics /dcs world/ and click on "update DCS World"

After that when you start world, on the bottom left you should see version If not do the update again.



You apply black shark 2 the same way as A-10. Download the module and install it. When you start A-10 and Black shark you will have to enter your key.


Black shark is not compatible and the key cannot be used with world.


Note: Update the black shark 2 module before doing the updates to make sure everything is updated.

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Cheers for the info.


DCS World and A10 running fine.


I have BS 1 boxed version and BS 2 upgrade version.


My problem is which BS 2 program do I download on the DCS modules page in order to get it to work with World, as it's quite misleading ?



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Since you have the Upgrade version of BS2 then that means you need the Upgrade version of the BS2 module. Not sure what part is misleading.



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