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  1. I would wait for Pascal to release next year. It went into production a couple of months ago so it shouldn't be too much longer. Nvidia claims that it will be 10x faster than their current offering. If you can't afford it you still benefit from waiting. The current boards will likely drop in price at release. http://wccftech.com/nvidia-pascal-gpu-gtc-2015/
  2. Great news. :thumbup: Given that 1.2.15 is out it usually means a couple of months before the next release. Maybe late summer for 2.0?
  3. Just checked in for update as well. Still remember Christmas 2013 when they said it might be delayed to early 14. Haven't been playing while waiting. guess I'll check back in a couple of more months. :thumbup: I figured they're waiting for DX 12 to be released in a few months before releasing the DX11 update.:music_whistling:
  4. Because the latest version of the open beta has to be modified to update from 1.2.6 and not the previous 1.2.7 beta?
  5. Sounds like Xplane 10 Either way they do need to keep up with the latest technologies and video cards, as well as being able to handle more RAM. In the last couple of years advances in PC hardware has slowed dramatically which is giving developers time to catch up, and run on software platforms for a longer period of time.
  6. Besides those just arriving, is there anyone here who can't land? :music_whistling::music_whistling: Unless you are going for your pilots license do what works for you.:thumbup:
  7. I've been in several beta's over the years and quite frankly I've never seen on that went soo long between updates. If the regular beta had similar delays along the way it could be part of the long standing issues over the last couple of years. More frequent small fixes that allow the developers to test possible fixes would seem more the norm.
  8. Beta bugs in 1.2.7 are no worse than the 1.2.6 bugs and you get more features and fixes.
  9. Try waiting a bit longer. Mission load time can be slow sometimes.
  10. He probably meant generator when he said APU power.
  11. http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/dumb/cbu-97.htm
  12. 103 and 105 are fire and forget so no you don't have to keep visual or tgp on them unless you want to watch for results.
  13. Depends on how long you want to take to land. About 5-7 miles out I'm 300kts plus. Drop throttle, and full brakes. At 190 full flaps and gear. Is it how they do it IRL? I'm sure it's not but time to ground is much less.
  14. Just glance over your shoulder. Easily seen out the window. :thumbup:
  15. The issue is that in 1.2.6 if you hit the truck, only the convoy and sometimes 2 escort vehicles are destroyed. In the beta the same strike is taking out 5 convoys. The only change from previous was to open and re-save in 1.2.7. Did the explosion mission trigger in game get changed?
  16. The issue was identified during multiplayer use. The actual radio menu shouldn't be mission and campaign specific but a bug of the game correct?
  17. Was playing the Dragon Rookie Terrorist map. At the end of the map there area 5 or 6 convoys, each with an explosive truck and 2 escort vehicle. The first convoy hadn't triggered yet. I dropped a CBU-105 on the last convoy. The explosion was enormous and destroyed every convoy as well as vehicles in a very large area. I've attacked the same way many times and only the convoy attacked would be hit (They're far enough apart). I believe the explosive truck may be too powerful. I didn't see the CBU's hit anything out of the ordinary. I then attacked a group of stationary vehicles with another CBU. The resulting damage appeared to be the same as in the past.
  18. First the good thing: ATC now works in Dragons Rookie terrorists map. (Hadn't for a very long time) Don't know if it's a bug but after a mission in same map I selected the ATC menu and all entries showed either London, Parris, Moscow, or Dallas. Kept trying and at about 5 miles from the runway, Gudata showed up at entry 1 and worked. The remaining entries continued to say London, paris etc.
  19. Voice comms now working in Dragon Rookie terrorists map :thumbup:
  20. The worst mistake people make is trying to learn everything the same time. First learn to start the plane properly and get it off the ground. Then learn basic maneuvers including landing (which is very easy) Then go shoot some stuff with the GAU-8 (easiest weapon to learn) After that pick one item and practice it until it's second nature. Don't try anything else until you get proficient in the previous item. This will take months, but if you take it a little at a time you'll be loving it before long. You can also fly FC3 and others and just dedicate a half hour to hour at a time in the A-10C until the light bulb goes off. After that you'll be hooked. Good Luck :pilotfly:
  21. You don't patch beta's, You simply release another version. Guess the modules that are still in beta will still be beta this time around since the next version is open beta.
  22. Distance and cloud cover will affect it as well.
  23. Also Distance and Altitude. If you are near the target area the field of view is too narrow and the ground is passing by too fast, making searching a difficult if impossible task. Climb to 15k plus and search the target area while 15 miles plus out. Also as noted before try switching between hot and cold modes. You will find things a lot easier with practice that way. Also if you see a little green X in the area of the targets they are friendly. Good Luck :pilotfly:
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