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I am a beginner and need some help.


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i have dcs world with the a-10 modul.

We are three guys playing online. Here for i create a server in the multiplayer of dcs world. We have played some missions it's ok.


I want to ask if there are some multiplayer campaigns for more than 2 player's? It's not important if there are custom or not, they only need to be realitic.


If someone has other good multiplayer coop missions, pls show me them.


Another questions is we want to play as realistic as possible but i dont know how turn of labels on my server and external views, remember it's not a dedicated server. If i set up no labels and simulation settings in the options and go to multiplayer it does not work. And in the multiplayer part of dcs world i can't find server settings. Can someone help me here?


Sorry for bad english.



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I don't know of any specific 2 player campaigns off the top of my head, but you can take any existing single player campaigns and make them multiplayer by going into the missions and removing AI wingmen and replacing them with new flights (you can't put human wingmen in mission editor).


If the options aren't working for turning off labels, you could try two things:


1. Make sure the "use these options for all missions" button is checked in the options


2. Set the labels off in the mission options for each mission individually. Mission options are at the top of the screen in the mission editor.


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Labels are controled by the "SHIFT" key also


Aircraft Labels S-F2

All Labels S-F10

Missile Labels S-F6

Vihicle/Ship S-F9


But is sounds like someone has labels turned on for their bird, controled in the options menu of course.

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