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modifier for button to act on release?


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Hi all,



Is there a way in the control options to set a modifier on a button so that it performs its action upon release?



I ask because when using the TM Warthog, the a10 engines are cut by "button 30" being held. When you move the throttle over the hump, which releases "button 30" the engines start. Moving the throttle back behind the hump re-engages button 30, shutting down the engines.


I'm trying to mirror this setup on the SU-25 but can't figure it out. Setting button 30 to shut engines off does not make them start when it's released. Setting button 30 to start engines sorta works, but moving the throttle back down the hump (re-engaging btn 30) doesn't shut em off. It's a one or the other sort of thing, as far as I can figure.


I'm wondering if this is a custom command that was hard coded into DCS, specifically for the A10 when using a WH hotas, but am hoping someone smart has a way to do it with other commands/aircraft as well.


Any ideas are welcome!

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