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Great documentary on russian aircraft


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Hey guys,


Figured this warranted its own thread. Personally this is the best documentaries I have seen on two of the best aircraft in the world. I saw also an A-10 documentary on youtube...just not as compelling.


In this they do a few nice things. The pilot gives a walkaround on a su27. They sit in the cockpit and explain about the instruments. They talk about the most amazing hotas ever. Two freaking triggers which are wicked...one for guns, one for missiles. I think this has to be on the "must watch" list for ED developers as well. The devs could probably get a few nice ideas from it.




Buy these and other amazing ones at






Considering the work that went into making these...all the rare footage and everything. Definitely a worth buy. Will sit right there beside my documentaries from David Attenborough. ;)





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I've just seen the Su-27 documentary on Youtube (it is in 4 38-minute parts), where it is available in decent quality, and more importantly: in its entirety.


I recommend watching it, although it IS a bit propagandic in nature ;)


Here's a link to part one:


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What's particularly interesting in the video series is the redesign of the initial su-27 when it was realised it was no match for the F-15. Their solution was blatently obvious though .. take the best of the initial SU-27 and copy the F-15. E.g. Outer wing, speed brake, flaperons, cockpit canopy etc.

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