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With the 1.2.2 my BS2 is very long to loading, is it a new bug ?


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After the update from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 for my A-10C everything is OK (ouf)...

But with my "Black Shark 2" the delay for enter in the cockpit is very long...

Once that I've selected one mission that I've created I must wait 1'40" for access to the menu with the "FLY" button.

And after I must wait once again 12 secondes (freeze) after have click the "FLY" button for enter in my cockpit...

Before this upgrade everything was OK for my BS2 but now I found that it's very too long, is it a bug ?


If some persons who use the BS2 can tested and say to me if you meet the same delay that me because it's shame..


PS: I'm very sorry for my poor English, Skull.

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Hello dear BaD CrC,


I don't know why but since this new update the loading of my BS2 is very long, wait & see ?


In France language:

Salut je te remercie d'avoir pris un peu de temps pour répondre à ma question, depuis que j'ai installé cette nouvelle mise à jour je te garantie que le temps de chargement avant de ce retrouver aux commandes du BS2 est vraiment très long, avant il me fallait grand max une dizaine de seconde, là c'est vraiment long mais bon il faudra voir avec de futurs patch si tout rentre dans l'ordre...


Bon weekend et encore merci pour ta réponse.


Bye dear friends and have a good weekend. Skull

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Edit: Post is deleted by myself.


I think we should go on: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=96804

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