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Is it possible to block auto-update ?

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I play DCS BS2 on a 7 years old machine (2 Go of ram and vista 32 bits).

I know that 32 bit support will be eventually be dropped (something i can understand) and with only 2 Go of ram, switching to a 64 bit OS won't help.


So, is there a way to block update so that i can stay with the last version to work fine on my machine until i buy a new gaming machine ?


I have searched the forum but did not found an answer to this kind of unusual question.

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I won't swear to this but...IIRC...


In your Saved Games\DCS\Config folder, you can edit 'autoupdate.settings' and change update period from 1 to 0.


"update_period": [color="Red"]1[/color],
"last_update": 150610

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Or you could just go to %Username%\Saved Games\DCS\Config\autoupdate.settings


Open the file in Notepad++ or similar and change the first line from

"update_period": 1,


"update_period": 0,


That will disable auto updates altogether. It will then only check for updates when you specifically tell it to by running the updater.exe.



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