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Stumped: My server Can't connect to master since latest patch

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Hi folks


Ever since the most recent patch my multiplayer server gets the cant's connect to master error. Tried everything so far. Even reinstalled.


Is there an issue with the patch? I'm not seeing any posts. I can ping the master server just fine. No matter what login I try it just gives the cant connect error.


I have looked for a temp folder to clear as instructed but none exists except for a texture folder.


I've reinstalled and deleted all DCS folders before installing again.


I reboot between installs.


Everything is patching fine.


Single player loads into instant action fine.


Everything was working 100% for several months of hosting prior to the latest patch installing.


Multiplayer on my other client machine works fine after the patch.


What else can I try?



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just the wordpad looking document that shows DCS.


If you go into your windows settings and uncheck "hide known file extensions" it will show that is dcs.log. That's the one you want. The other is a dcs.old.log which is from previous sessions.


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Problem solved... and I can't believe this... I discovered whilst trying to post my log file that my cpu's clock was off. Mobo battery on the server must have gone out (it's an old board, since server doesn't need much I just used spares).


And this was enough for the Master Server to say....










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Solved my issue as well. Thanks.


Wrong place for this but since patch the DCS Multiplayer interface minimizes if I click on second screen or if another program pop up it also minimizes multiplayer.


Kinda annoying when you use Teamviewer on your server. It tends to pop up a window that indicates session closed having the effect of minimizing the DCS MP. No one can connect to server in minimized state.

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