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TM Warthog & Speaker Stands = HOTAS Setup & Mousing Spaces


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Hey all, I know something like this has been done before but wanted to show my take on using speaker stands as HOTAS mounts. Also re-jigged a few of the parts from a Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas set and got myself a surprisingly flexible setup.


Just bought myself a set of Atacama Nexus stands 2nd hand for 60 euros (600mm height version) and set about turning them into Hotas mounts. While playing around I stripped off the Warthog joysticks base plate and left it aside. Then went to remove the throttles base to discover there are actually 2 base plates in use (yes I'm thick & you all probably know that but its a minor victory for my tiny brain). When looking at them I decided to swop the joysticks base and put it under the throttle. As 1 of the screw holes lined up perfectly I I attached the throttle to joysticks base plate with the base plate at 90". Viola, throttle on speaker stand with mousing space (or mfd, tablet, usb panel et al, whatever suits ya).


Then swapped the throttle base plate over to the joysticks side, turned it 90" again, moved the joystick to the left most edge of the base plate, screwed it back in with the original TM screws and attached a butterfly clip (10c) to the back right of the plate & speaker stand to secure it in place. Viola 2, perfectly stable joystick mount with mousing space (again see above for options) to the right of the joystick.


As I'm also into racing I stripped the shifter mount from my Wheelstand Pro, removed the speaker top and wedged it in to the open strut top before re-securing the speaker top with the original screws. My G27 shifter has a large front section but I'm about to replace it with a TM TH8RS which will give perfect access to the mouse. If your not a racer as well as a flier you end up with Hotas mounts which allows centre stick with mousing space just above your knees.


End result is a multipurpose mounting for DCS, racing sims and as I use a Razor Orbweaver FPS games etc. Putting sand in them next week and they'll be rock solid. I also used a set of 1 euro felt non-slip pads on the forward most part of the joystick speaker stand front plate which prevents forward movement of the joystick plate when in use. I'll be placing more pads on the underside of the throttles mount (really the joysticks base plate) which will prevent if from moving in any direction (not shown in the pics yet).


Hope I didn't bore anyone with the long description but for 61 euros odd thought it was a bargain versatile setup. Any questions please ask but its late in Ireland so if you don't get a response for 12hrs I'm just sleeping. Put up as many pics as I could with a few different mice for size comparisons & apologies about the prevalence of my feet.

















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:thumbup: Very cool. I like the flexibility you have with the different controllers.

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Nice idea. Very creative! :thumbup:

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