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SU27 ECM pod and SU25T SEAD problem


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Hi, 2 problem with the new version of dcs.


First, with the ecm pod on the su27

When i remove the pod i have this.




the pod was remove but not the light from pod and it lacks the wing tip





Second problem with the KH58 and Mpu from the SU25T, missiles explode after launch (target tor/osa/tunguska)

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hmmm i have made a new installation but the problem was not resolve...;)


About hour ago I tried this on my end (not that I haven't used Su-27 with or without ECM pod before) and it is definitely working fine on my end. I have tried it also in latest tester build as well as public release and in both installs it works fine - when ECS pod is loaded it shows fine, when I take R-73 or nothing, the pylon loads properly so don't know why, if you are not using any old files (mods) into new version, you are getting this.

No longer active in DCS...

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I have install a new version download yesterday and i have delete the saved game folder before install the new version/ so i make a few test.


SU 27 no armed on mission launch.

I put R73 no problem

I remove the R73 no problem

R73 change by ECM no problem


ECM change by R73 no problem

ECM just remove lacks the wing tip:pilotfly:


and here I can not do a cleaner install I delete everything before, but i was not alone with this problem all member of my team does have the same problem:huh:

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I have the same issue.


New clean installation of DCS, no mods.


Cleaning ECM pods makes the same effect on my end.


Only when Su-27 has ECM pods and i order ground crew to remove it.


If i order to mount R-73 all runs well. The same if i order to clean R-73.

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