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  1. As you can imagine, a massive amount of work went into this campaign. I definitely also learned new stuff in every mission, despite already flying the A-10C since the Beta days. So it takes someone with very deep knowledge of the aircraft and all of its systems to come up with the missions and the syllabus, and that's only half the work, because then all of that has to be put into presentable form in DCS. I'd say Doughboy and Baltic Dragon are a dream team in this case. Have you looked at the Harrier? The training missions that come with the module are also extremely well done. As for future campaigns like Iron Flag for other modules, I'll leave it to BD to comment on that, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did something comparable at some point.
  2. Probably easiest on Discord, or you could try to ping or DM @Anubis (hoping this is the right one ).
  3. I don't know the answer to that question, but generally speaking, when there are known issues in the OpenBeta, they're fixed in the OpenBeta first, and then when the OB turns out to be sufficiently stable, that version is then released into the Stable branch a little later. To put it differently, I don't think I've ever seen a patch getting deployed to Stable before it was released into OpenBeta. So, I'd expect OB to be patched, and if all is (relatively) well, Stable might be updated a couple of days later (or weeks, or months - that part really depends).
  4. I don't believe I have, but what part do you mean in particular? So far, this thread was about: Radio calls to AI in Instant Action -> A-10C II -> Nevada (resolved; user error) A-10C II AI erratic Wingman behavior during landing What does "CB UHF" mean?
  5. I assume the ailerons are a little too heavy to move them without any hydraulic power, and the trim tabs maybe aren't animated. Regarding the topic at hand, do your inputs work correctly now that you're using an air-start? And do they also work correctly once you've started the engines on a cold-and-dark A-10?
  6. I assume all of that is in a cold and dark jet? If so, that's perfectly normal. Start one of the engines, observe hydraulics go up on the appropriate side, and the stick will start to behave like it should. Any hotstart or airstart mission should work right off the bat. Does that solve the issue?
  7. Over here a current KC-135 guy says this is not how it should work:
  8. Yeah, if I'm not mistaken that was changed in DCS just recently. And I think something like this also took place several years ago until it was changed back. Not sure if this is a new bug in DCS or intended behavior, though. @NineLine @BIGNEWY do you know if TACAN for tankers in Air-to-Ground mode (instead of A/A TACAN, like it was recently) is intentional, and if this is going to stay?
  9. Had that happen in testing once, but when I tried to reproduce it, Biff behaved like he should. Couldn't quite put my finger on any potential cause, other than the DCS AI being the DCS AI.
  10. Not sure if this is the case here, but there seem to be some problems with voiceovers getting canceled under certain circumstances. But I think that only stops voiceovers from appearing and shouldn't conflict with triggers to advance the mission. Still, this could be the case here.
  11. That makes two of us who wonder what the answer is. I always read it as "Circuit Breaker Ultra High Frequency", but that doesn't make much sense. My (lack of) creativity has not allowed me to come up with a more plausible explanation, though.
  12. Next time it happens, please save the track and share it with us.
  13. I just tried the mission in the current OpenBeta, and my wingman does respond to radio calls. But 251.000 MHz is a frequency on the UHF AM radio. If you try to contact the wingman via the FM radio, he won't respond. To use the UHF radio, use the HOTAS Mic Switch Down command, and double check that the text above the radio dropdown reads "CB UHF", then it should work. Ah yes, DCS AI at its finest. Keeping them in formation during landing has always been sketchy, but I think in the past there was a chance that the wingman would go around and fly his own approach eventually. To increase the odds of a good landing for both of you, you can either send the wingman to land ahead of you with the RTB command, or have him orbit somewhere via the "Hold current position" command (or similar), and then allow him to RTB when you're clear of the runway.
  14. Ah, Tatsache, im Interface finde ich auch nichts. Jemand mit Zugriff auf den Server (auf dem der DCS Dedicated Server installiert ist) kann die Beschreibung in dieser Datei eintragen:
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