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  1. Yurgon's post in A/A with TGP and gun funnel was marked as the answer   
    You'll need to select an aircraft to match against; the process is like QuiGon said,  Air-to-Air mastermode, HUD as SOI and then DMS Right/Left Short. You can use the IFFCC Test menu to select a bunch of pre-configured aircraft in case the Mi-24 isn't initially in the list, or just use "MAN RTY" or so for a rotary wing aircraft with a fixed rotor span.
    Regarding the first question, as the others already said, it takes place purely in the visual arena. Forget the TGP, there's not really any use for it in A/A mode. With helicopters in particular, if you know which spot of sky to search, you'll probably see them visually before you find them in the TGP. And if you don't know which spot of sky to search, the TGP won't help either. 😄
    Just be aware that helicopters are quite the challenge for a fixed wing attacker. They're small, making them hard to spot (yes, even the fat Hind is pretty small from 2 or 3 miles out), you have to get very close for a good shot, you'll fly by fairly fast (even though "fast" and "A-10" don't usually belong in the same sentence 😉), and then they can turn on a dime and toss some angry 7,62 or even 30mm retribution your way if you didn't kill them in the first pass. Their flares can protect them from Sidewinders. But if you get the gun on target, it certainly doesn't take a lot of rounds to bring down any chopper.
    Good hunting!
  2. Yurgon's post in Setting an SPI was marked as the answer   
    Awesome! 🙂
    For the fun of it, you could also do the same procedure the other way around: Make Mav SOI, set it as SPI, set up TGP on the other screen, slave all to SPI, and then slew the Mav around. This time the TGP should follow the Mav. Granted, there's not much practical use for this particular scenario, but it shows how the Mav can be used as a poor man's TGP, and more importantly it shows that the system is fairly universal and not just tied to the TGP alone. 😉
  3. Yurgon's post in A-10C Maverick Forced Correlation (TGP) write "no track launch ihbt" was marked as the answer   
    That's exactly what it says. The Maverick doesn't track a target and inhibits the launch, because it would miss anyway.
    To command a track, you can either slew the seeker off target and back over the target, or hit TMS Forward Short, until it tracks.
    If you wanted to use Force Correlate, as the thread title suggests, instead of actually tracking a target, you'd have to move the Boat-switch out of center and back to center with the Mav as SOI (doesn't work with all types of Maverick). Be aware that Force Correlate is not very accurate, and chances are you've followed bad advice and you really want to command a track instead of using Force Correlate.
  4. Yurgon's post in Confused over TMS Aft long was marked as the answer   
    Excellent, thanks!
    Your altitude was 22,000 feet below your waypoint. Due to gravity constraints, CCRP can't help you there. 😄
    Set your waypoint elevation to 0 feet AGL via the Mission Editor or via the CDU, and you'll get a valid CCRP ASL, PBIL and all the other symbology. 👍
  5. Yurgon's post in Sideways, flight was marked as the answer   
    Not sure I understand the question, so I'll try to rephrase it and provide 2 possible solutions.
    a) Is it possible to fly forward and change direction without using the cyclic?
    Yes, this is possible. In the Ka-50 in particular, make sure that the Autopilot Heading Hold channel is Off. While flying forward, get the helicopter trimmed so that it doesn't require any input for straight and level flight. Autopilot Bank Hold and Autopilot Pitch Hold should both be on.
    And then just input left or right rudder and watch the chopper turn. Aerodynamically, this does not make a whole lot of sense, and it's slow, but it works. 🙂
    b) Is it possible to fly sideways without inputting any ruder pedal?
    Yes, to a degree this is also possible, particularly in the Ka-50. This time around make sure that the Autopilot Heading Hold channel is On, this is absolutely crucial here!
    Again, the Bank and Pitch Hold channels should also be on.
    Get the chopper into a well trimmed hover so that it does not require any input to remain stationary.
    And next, input some smooth cyclic either left or right.
    When testing this, I found the chopper will keep the last trimmed heading up to 50ish kph left sideways flight and up to 25ish kph right sideways flight. Any faster and the Heading Hold channel seems to run out of authority and the nose starts vaning into the relative wind. When reducing the sideways motion and the AP regains sufficient authority, it will get the nose back to the previously trimmed heading.
  6. Yurgon's post in Tanker will not respond to Legacy A10 was marked as the answer   
    Oh okay, in that case this is probably a better place to find specific help: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/168657-vaicom-pro-plugin-for-voiceattack/
  7. Yurgon's post in Delete SADL Assigned Target was marked as the answer   
    You need to hook the received target, and then hit OSB 7, labeled "CNTCO*" in red. This should clear the target from the TAD. I'm not aware of any downside; in DCS at least this doesn't get fed back to whoever sent you the target in the first place, even though it means "Cannot Comply".
  8. Yurgon's post in Wrong waypoint number was marked as the answer   
    Nice one, took me a bit to figure it out. 😉
    The thing is, you have an initial point object named T6414, and you have a waypoint also named T6414.
    In DCS, initial point objects are stored in the A-10C's navigation system as preset or predefined or system waypoints. Now if you add a waypoint with the same name, the aircraft's internal database needs to be able to differentiate between these two. The way DCS seems to handle it is to add a number to the extra waypoint, so in your mission, if you'd named it "SARAH" then the waypoint would become "SARAH1", and if it ends in a number, DCS increments that number to the next one that's available, to "T6414" becomes "T6415".
    Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a way of setting up a flight plan with named waypoints that correspond to initial point objects and share the same name, unless you use "Prepare Mission" and set up the flight plan in the CDU itself.
    But there are many workarounds, like naming the waypoint "WPT6414" or whatever else you can think of, as long as its name is unique.
    Does that make sense?
  9. Yurgon's post in issue with maverick targetting was marked as the answer   
    The Maverick needs to actually track an object, or else it can't be launched and the aforementioned NO TRACK LAUNCH INHIBIT (I think it's a little more abbreviated) will show up.
    Ground stabilize does not command tracking, so that's no good.
    In order for the IR- and CCD-Mavericks to track a target, you can either slew the seeker over a target until it tracks, or command a track with TMS Forward Short.
    Once it tracks, the tracking gate will collapse, and start flashing. If I'm not mistaken, the collapsing part is correct, while the flashing is a deviation from how it works IRL. But anyway, the Mav page will give you feedback for a good track, and then you can rifle it off. 🙂
  10. Yurgon's post in TGP shuts off in flight after about 10 minutes/Right MFCD shuts off with CICU Caution light was marked as the answer   
    Well here's the fun part, and I just found this out:
    When the skill of an aircraft is set to "Client", the "FAILURES" panel is empty.
    When you set the skill to "Player" instead, the panel is properly populated.
    As far as I'm aware, these failures don't work in Multiplayer, which is probably the reason the panel doesn't work for clients.
    But in single player missions, you can fly any aircraft that is set to Client, and the failures do seem to take effect then.
    So I guess that's one problem solved: Set the skill to "Player" and at least you can see what's set and what isn't.
    However, that doesn't explain why the failures were set in the first place when you never hit that RAND button; I have no ideas in this regard.
  11. Yurgon's post in HMCS's symbols are extremely faint was marked as the answer   
    If the mission starts around dawn, the HMCS will be set to night mode.
    Hit the STAT OSB, then HMCS (OSB 3, top middle), and then select day mode. 🙂
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