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  1. Server is a lot of fun, and they have a really good vision for the future of the server! Easily the next step up from warbirds. BFM with Fox 2s
  2. Congratulations on releasing this huge news! Just had a quick question. Will the Eurofighter and A-6 have their own development teams working simultaneously or does one have to be pushed before the other? Thank you, Nick
  3. Will this be in the new major F14 update coming out tomorrow? Been looking at some of the additions coming, and had not seen this listed.
  4. I had this happen on a couple Public Servers. I was on the Aerobatics, and I would see all my friends actions on his aircraft, like closing his canopy, throttling up, rearming, but his plane did not move from that position. We then went to a training server, dont remember the name, and this happened again, he would not move, although he was moving on his screen. I also had this later on in the day while playing by myself, I asked a question in the server chat and I told them my position flying over an airfield miles from where Ive taken off. But when they tried looking for me they only found me at the airfield I spawned at on the ground. I switched back to stable with my friend, and we never had the problem again. Super weird. Edit: These were all in official DCS planes
  5. Hello, Yesterday I was playing with my buddy without issue, but today with the new open beta update. We cannot see each other moving anymore, but we are stuck in our spawn position. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks, Nick
  6. The V lines are good for finding an estimate, but like you said not exact. This also does not include the bandits altitude, and closure rate which will determine weather or not you fire on that bandit. If possible a new wheel command option for hooking commands would be fantastic, but if not possible hooking the closest bandit would be a fantastic change! Thanks for looking at community feedback!
  7. Thanks for the quick response, glad its on the radar!
  8. Is there any chance that Jester can Hook the closest bandit after doing his normal work flow? This would make him so much more competitive in multiplayer scenarios and help with quality of life. On the other hand is Jester still being updated and improved upon, or he is as at standstill currently? Thanks, Nick
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