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  1. In the forums of almost every game or simulation there are people who are whining that the learning curve is too high, that the game is unbalanced, that the opponents are too strong, and so on.
    But in most cases, the problem is not the game or simulation, but the players themselves. They simply don't have the time, patience, situational awareness, responsiveness, or talent to master it. Instead of accepting that it's not the right one for them, they say there's something wrong with it.

    Related to DCS: If it's too strong, you're too weak 😉


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  2. 1 hour ago, BAR-12 said:


    got a big problem with this Su-30 mod here.

    mod installed to my ..users/savegames/DCS/mods/aircraft folder
    mod version Su-30MK_SFM v2.01B    /   DCS version 2.5.6
    AC is visible in the game - it´s all OK with the mod itself

    BUT -- ALL !! Military Ships (US and Russian) are gone !!

    They are accessible inside the mission editor, I can place them on the map, I can also define waypoints for
    them but if I start the mission they are not there !

    It doesn´t matter if I use the Su-30 mod in my mission or not. Military Ships are not visible.

    So I try to find out witch part of the SU-30 mod causses the problem.

    I came to the conclusion that something inside the Weapons_AS.lua AND the weapons_AA.lua (both inside ..Users/Saved Games/DCS/Mods/aircraft/Su-30MK_SFM v2.01B\Weapons folder)
    is responsable for the visibility problem.

    If I delete both files the Ships are there - if I put them back Ships are gone.

    I need HELP

    Is someone else outthere recognice this problem ?

    Greetings Winger6966

    Do you also have installed other mods (e.g. EF2000)?

  3. 28 minutes ago, Flappie said:

    To my knowledge, it has been this way since a long time.

    I have some self-built missions I fly regulary to stay trained, where camps with these watch towers are the target. I am pretty sure, the last time I flew such a mission before the latest patch, these towers looked destroyed as expected when I hit them. 

  4. I have a new graphics card now (again an AMD card), but even with this I have the same issue, when I set SSAO to ON. I tested it with the newest optional AMD driver (22.2.2) and with the latest recommended driver (21.10.2 WHQL). Before I installed the new card I deleted the old driver by using the Display Driver Uninstaller and did the same when I tested the named two different drivers. So it seems, this issue is caused by an incompatibility of AMD cards and/or drivers with the DCS rendering engine.

  5. Hi all,

    I am pretty sure there is an older thread describing this issue, but unfortunately I couldn't find it. I notice small squared black blinking spots in the cockpit of different modules (official modules and community modules), e.g. F-14, F-5E, UH-60L. In other modules like F/A-18C, F-16C, AV-8B, A-4E-C I couldn't see this issue yet. 

    Here is a short video (F-5E) to demonstrate it (Shoulder Harness lever on the left side of the ejection seat and Emergency Canopy Jettison Lever on the lower right side of the front panel):

    Best regards,

  6. 17 hours ago, Sarabi said:

    also gear up/down are inverted at least on my x56 where I have it bind as (Gear Down is Joy_BTN11 and Gear Up is Joy_BTN10 as normal) and sometimes click it twice maybe is my throttle or bug,

    No, I have the same problem with my TM Warthog. The both entries on the Controls setting page are switched. You can also test it with the keyboard keys, it's the same. I posted the issue already on their discord channel.

  7. 12 hours ago, VFGiPJP said:

    I am downloading from this first link on the Discord:


    It seems to work just now and fingers crossed. The whole affair has been very confusing.

    I tried the download from this link, but it's the same. The described issues are also there. I deleted the input files, I deleted the Su-35 and the Eurofighter mods (incl. their input files) but nothing has changed. In a Beta version at least the basic flight systems should work correctly, so the wheel brakes, landing gears and so on, otherwise it's a Alpha.

    To be clear, this mod already is a great piece of hard work and I have a deep respect for the developers. I just hope for future updates now.

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  8. 14 minutes ago, Tinman said:

    shouldn't the UH-1H.lua in the UnitPayloads folder be around 7 KB. It seems you didn't copy the correct file or did not overwrite an existing one.

    You are absolutely right. Strange, I was sure I copied the right file (I checked it twice). Thanks for your good eyes. 

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  9. 16 minutes ago, Eight Ball said:

    Just to make sure, that's how it looks in DCS/Mods/tech?


    I see the Liveries folder isn't there. But it is already missing in the zip file I downloaded from the first page of this thread.

    16 minutes ago, Eight Ball said:

    and DCS/MissionEditor/UnitPayloads?


  10. 3 hours ago, Doc3908 said:

    There appears to a 2.0B and 2.0Beta zip files. I just downloaded the .2.0Beta and it's different from the 2.0B that I got yesterday. The 2.0Beta works just fine - helmet mode and everything, even the scared pilot.

    And which download is the right one? Yesterday I downloaded the mod from https://mega.nz/file/Nc403C5Q#l4bmOL0QiywrZpaVVuD6HoFQp4Tk2dsKbyr36BpfUNA, but it contained the Su-30MK_SFM v2.0B version with different looking cockpit and a lot of axes and keys they didn't work. Today I downloaded the mod from one of the google drive links on discord. The zip file was named with Su-30MK_SFM v2.0Beta.zip but also contained only the Su-30MK_SFM v2.0B version with exactly the same non-functional key and axis bindings and different looking cockpit (I tested it). So, that's a litte annoying. 

    To be more precisely:
    - Mirror On/Off doesn't exist in the Controls setting list
    - HUD Brightness Increase/Decrease doesn't exist in the Controls setting list
    - NVG On/Off doesn't exist in the Controls setting list
    - the Axes for the wheel brakes left and right are non-functional (set them to my rudder pedals)
    - the binding for "Landing gear up" and "Landing gear down" are switched in the Controls setting list

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  11. Sorry guys, I am familiar with mod installation on DCS but in this case I don't get it. I copied the "UH-1H Attachments" folder into "\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech", copied the "UH-1H.lua" into "\Saved Games\DCS\MissionEditor\UnitPayloads" (backed up the old one before), copied the both liveries folders "000 Pylons OFF" and "000 Pylons ON" into "Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\uh-1h", downloaded "Flexcam", "UH-1H WaterTankSystem", and "powerline_worker" by Upuaut and placed them in "\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech", but in the mission editor I cannot choose anyone of this stuff for the Huey. What do I'm wrong?

  12. Hello fellows,

    yesterday I had a strange and probably rare bug. I flew a mission over Syria to destroy two warehouses of the IS with GBU-10's. Because of the cloud layers and an SA-6 SAM site nearby I flew below 10,000 ft AGL. On the second run over the target area I was hit by an SA-18 Grail. But I did hear no explosion, I saw no plume. Actually I saw the missile missing my tail and going straight into the sky. The flight behavior of the F-16 was normal, no warning lights, no fuel or hydraulic leaking. I realised the heavy damage just after switching to the external view. But something was strange. The SA-6 stopped tracking me right after this "ghost" hit. I couldn't radio the AWACs, nor the tanker or my homebase and on the F10 map the F-16 was gone (see video below). Nevertheless all was fine until I dropped the landing gear on final approach to Akrotiri. In this moment the plane went into a deep unrecoverable dive and I had to eject. In the debriefing I saw the only damaged system was the AN/ALE-47.  In this mission I had activated some mods, but only one that affected the F-16 (CFT Mod 2.0.2 by Nightwolf).

    This is not a serious bug and I think it is very rare, but I have seen some other reports similar to this in the WWII subforums.

    I have no track file because they are completely useless for longer missions, especially with A/A refueling (in not a single replay of such tracks I saved, the plane was able to connect to the tanker). Attached you can find the dcs.log and the debriefing.log.



  13. 2 hours ago, BIGNEWY said:

    That is the information I have directly from the dev team, but ok. 

    That may be, but I think you'll agree that if this problem occurs in 2.7 and not 2.5.6, something has changed between those two versions and is causing this issue. When I experienced this problem, nothing had changed on my system, and when I went back to 2.5.6 a day later, my system was still unchanged. Perhaps it is a side effect of another change in the 2.7 source code.

  14. 1 minute ago, BIGNEWY said:

    As mentioned we dont officially support it at driver level, if it was working and is not now we have not changed anything with this intention. The team will look into it. 

    Sorry, but I highly doubt that. The problem occurred after upgrading to 2.7 and was gone after I downgraded back to 2.5.6 because of it. So the only thing that had changed was DCS.

  15. 2 hours ago, BIGNEWY said:

    Hi all, 

    regarding AMD Virtual Super Resolution, we do not support any super resolution solutions at driver level, I can not promise we can support it, but the team will take a look.

    With the resolutions we use a protection of screen resolution which exceeds value returned by WinAPI virtualScreen size.
    For example if you use a notebook to connect to 4k display and play DCS that resolution is saved, but if you then launch it without the attached display the UI becomes unreachable due saved resolution exceeds boundaries of any native display found in the system. The team are aware and looking for a solution. 


    This issue doesn't matter to me anymore since I bought a larger monitor with native WQHD resolution and higher pixel density. But apart from that, in version 2.5.6 the super resolution worked very well. Why is it problematic now in version 2.7? Your explanation is not really convincing, because other game manufacturers don't see it as a problem.

  16. I have investigated this bug a little bit and it seems it is related to the wind settings combined with lighting at night (at least in my case). But only the Marianas map is affected. I created test missions with the same settings on Caucasus, Persian Gulf, Syria and Marianas:
    - LHA-1 Tarawa,  25 knots, course approx. 225
    - 1 AV-8B for the Player
    - 3 AV-8B uncontrolled aboard
    - Time is 21:00, Date is 12th July 2002
    - Cloud setting is High scattered 1
    - Wind is 4 knots, 65°

    With wind settings the black flickering appears, without it is gone.

    Only on the Marianas map I could reproduce this. Here is a video to demonstrate it.


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