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  1. Hi pet333r, thank you for you reply. I downloaded the latest scripts-extended.zip from github and copied the contained folders to the Saved Games\DCS Folder. The MFD's are working much better now (no more connection problems). However, the map is working only sporadically and it seems it depends on the used plane. In the F-16 the map shows the position and the heading, speed and altitude information of the plane very reliably. In the Hornet or the Harrier it only works sometimes, mostly not. All over features (UFC, right consoles and so on) are working fine. With some testing I have found the cause of this behavior. It is Windows-related and has to do with the kind how I am starting DCS. I have a folder on my desktop which contains the shortcuts of all of my games. When I open it and click on the DCS shortcut the DCS window runs in the foreground, then goes into the background (behind the opened games shortcut folder), then starts in fullscreen and as soon the DCS menu screen is showing (and the DCS Util.exe is starting) Windows minimizes DCS to the task bar. This behavior is only showing with the installed Script Configurator for your app. But if I am starting DCS without opening the games shortcut folder (e.g. by a DCS shortcut directly in the task bar) or I close the games shortcut folder right after DCS is starting, DCS stays maximized and in fullscreen the whole time with the DCS Util.exe running. So, obviously it is not a problem of your program but one of many Windows "features". Best regards, Ithronwise
  2. Du könntest DCS auf 60 fps limitieren. Entweder über die autoexec.cfg im Ordner Saved Games\DCS\Config (options.graphics.maxfps = 60) oder über die Nvidia-Settings (dort müsste es auch einen fps limiter geben), dann solltest Du auch ohne VSync keine Streifen mehr haben, da die max. Framerate des Spiels mit der max. Bildwiederholfrequenz Deines Monitors überein stimmt und DCS bzw. die GraKa nicht mehr versucht dem Monitor höhere Bildraten zu senden als dieser darstellen kann. VSync macht ja auch nix weiter als die max. Framerate des Spiels an die max. Bildwiederholfrequenz des Monitors anzupassen. Grundsätzlich würde ich Dir allerdings raten (sofern es Dein Budget erlaubt), einen ordentlichen Gaming-Monitor mit höhere Bildwiederholfrequenz und G-Sync zu kaufen. Der würde defintiv besser zu Deiner PC-Konfiguration passen.
  3. Sowohl seine CPU als auch das Mainboard sind mehr als ausreichend dimensioniert (guck Dir die Spezifikationen an). Und PCI-Express 8x zu 16x machen keinen so großen Unterschied (dürfte im einstelligen Prozentbereich liegen), jedenfalls wäre das kein Grund für eine derart bescheidene Framerate, erst recht nicht in Full-HD. Ich hab "nur" ne RX 6700XT, die ebenfalls "nur" auf 8x läuft wegen zweier NVMe-SSD's, und habe mit fast allen DCS-Grafiksettings auf Max bzw. Hoch und WQHD-Auflösung selbst über sehr GPU-lastigen Bereichen (Tiefflug über Guam z.B.) mindestens 40 fps, ansonsten 60 (die FPS habe ich auf 60 limitiert, ohne Limitierung so um die 90 fps). Ich denke, das Hauptproblem liegt wohl im Vsync. Da er das aber nicht deaktivieren möchte, wird es schwierig, das Problem zu lösen. Treiberprobleme, Probleme mit Overclocking, Hardware-Inkompatibilitäten und komische Windows-Settings (Thema Spielmodus, XBox Game Bar oder Vollbildoptimierung z.B.) können natürlich zusätzlich eine Rolle spielen.
  4. It's a very helpful app (thank you for this work) but I am missing the Marianas map. Is there any plan to implement it in the near future?
  5. I also can taxi perfectly by using the left and right braking function of my Saitek/Logitech Rudder Pedals, even on the carrier deck. It's less precisely as the nosewheel steering of modern jets, but hey, it's an old little bird, and with some training and patience it is manageable. This mod is just great work.
  6. I am interested, too.
  7. I am a little disillusioned with this app. At first, the MFD's are working only sporadically (the app crashes very often on the Google Chrome tablet when I use the MFD function). Other panels are working fine (UFC etc.). Settings are all correct (static IP's for tablet and PC, default port settings, firewall entries and so on). At second, it only exports the MFD buttons, not the MFD images. I already have physical Cougar MFD's and a physical A-10 UFC panel, so unfortunately the app doesn't brings me an additional value in this case. The Map export doesn't work, too. It only shows the complete world map and doesn't recognize the location of the plane nor other map objects. Another small but really annoying issue for me is, that DCS will be minimized as soon as the DCS Util.exe starts. Windows 10 doesn't have a function to keep the active program always in the foreground (like Ubuntu or other Linux distributions). That means that the frequency of my monitor and DCS is out of sync (I limited DCS to 60 fps by autoexec.cfg and in the Radeon Settings). So I have to maximize DCS again and have to press Alt+Enter to resynchronize it. A further point is: there is no uninstall function in the script. If you want to remove the script from DCS you have to delete all its files and folders and have to erase the entry in the Export.lua manually (and hopefully don't forget something). Don't misunderstand me, I have deep respect for your great work and of course it is a very useful app for a lot of DCS pilots (especially for those who don't have physical MFD's or UFC's) but for my usecase it is not the right one and by the description and the pictures I expected some more functions. As soon the map is working and the export of the MFD images will be implemented (and working reliable) I will give it another try. Best regards, Ithronwise
  8. In the forums of almost every game or simulation there are people who are whining that the learning curve is too high, that the game is unbalanced, that the opponents are too strong, and so on. But in most cases, the problem is not the game or simulation, but the players themselves. They simply don't have the time, patience, situational awareness, responsiveness, or talent to master it. Instead of accepting that it's not the right one for them, they say there's something wrong with it. Related to DCS: If it's too strong, you're too weak
  9. Do you also have installed other mods (e.g. EF2000)?
  10. I have some self-built missions I fly regulary to stay trained, where camps with these watch towers are the target. I am pretty sure, the last time I flew such a mission before the latest patch, these towers looked destroyed as expected when I hit them.
  11. The Watch tower armed is broken again since the latest patch. Watch Tower destruction bug.trk
  12. No problems here with Super Carrier and the Military Aircraft Mod (see C-2A Greyhound in the background).
  13. I have a new graphics card now (again an AMD card), but even with this I have the same issue, when I set SSAO to ON. I tested it with the newest optional AMD driver (22.2.2) and with the latest recommended driver (21.10.2 WHQL). Before I installed the new card I deleted the old driver by using the Display Driver Uninstaller and did the same when I tested the named two different drivers. So it seems, this issue is caused by an incompatibility of AMD cards and/or drivers with the DCS rendering engine.
  14. Here they are (sorry, the Radeon settings are in German): DxDiag.txt options.lua Radeon - DCS settings Radeon - Global display settings Radeon - Global graphics settings Radeon - Tuning settings
  15. Thank you very much for this hint. You are right, with SSAO = OFF the blinking black spots are gone. @ED, is there a plan to fix this issue?
  16. Hi all, I am pretty sure there is an older thread describing this issue, but unfortunately I couldn't find it. I notice small squared black blinking spots in the cockpit of different modules (official modules and community modules), e.g. F-14, F-5E, UH-60L. In other modules like F/A-18C, F-16C, AV-8B, A-4E-C I couldn't see this issue yet. Here is a short video (F-5E) to demonstrate it (Shoulder Harness lever on the left side of the ejection seat and Emergency Canopy Jettison Lever on the lower right side of the front panel): Best regards, Rene
  17. No, I have the same problem with my TM Warthog. The both entries on the Controls setting page are switched. You can also test it with the keyboard keys, it's the same. I posted the issue already on their discord channel.
  18. I tried the download from this link, but it's the same. The described issues are also there. I deleted the input files, I deleted the Su-35 and the Eurofighter mods (incl. their input files) but nothing has changed. In a Beta version at least the basic flight systems should work correctly, so the wheel brakes, landing gears and so on, otherwise it's a Alpha. To be clear, this mod already is a great piece of hard work and I have a deep respect for the developers. I just hope for future updates now.
  19. You are absolutely right. Strange, I was sure I copied the right file (I checked it twice). Thanks for your good eyes.
  20. I see the Liveries folder isn't there. But it is already missing in the zip file I downloaded from the first page of this thread.
  21. And which download is the right one? Yesterday I downloaded the mod from https://mega.nz/file/Nc403C5Q#l4bmOL0QiywrZpaVVuD6HoFQp4Tk2dsKbyr36BpfUNA, but it contained the Su-30MK_SFM v2.0B version with different looking cockpit and a lot of axes and keys they didn't work. Today I downloaded the mod from one of the google drive links on discord. The zip file was named with Su-30MK_SFM v2.0Beta.zip but also contained only the Su-30MK_SFM v2.0B version with exactly the same non-functional key and axis bindings and different looking cockpit (I tested it). So, that's a litte annoying. To be more precisely: - Mirror On/Off doesn't exist in the Controls setting list - HUD Brightness Increase/Decrease doesn't exist in the Controls setting list - NVG On/Off doesn't exist in the Controls setting list - the Axes for the wheel brakes left and right are non-functional (set them to my rudder pedals) - the binding for "Landing gear up" and "Landing gear down" are switched in the Controls setting list
  22. Sorry guys, I am familiar with mod installation on DCS but in this case I don't get it. I copied the "UH-1H Attachments" folder into "\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech", copied the "UH-1H.lua" into "\Saved Games\DCS\MissionEditor\UnitPayloads" (backed up the old one before), copied the both liveries folders "000 Pylons OFF" and "000 Pylons ON" into "Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\uh-1h", downloaded "Flexcam", "UH-1H WaterTankSystem", and "powerline_worker" by Upuaut and placed them in "\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech", but in the mission editor I cannot choose anyone of this stuff for the Huey. What do I'm wrong?
  23. I confirm, it is still there, less strong than before in my opinion but it still exists.
  24. I still see this black flashing whether the mirrors are on or off, but in my case only at night.
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