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  1. My conclusion might be a bit harsh, but i would pretty much tell anyone with that problem to get better in using the Apache and its abilities. You have a stand off range of 7+ kilometers, so use that to your advantage. And if we're already at the point of you being shot down by autocannon or smallarms fire, you either did not perform a good threat assesment, or you've been suprised by it and did not evade it fast enough.
  2. As the title states i would really love to see the TADS being influenced by the vibration of the aircraft created through weapons (most notably the gun) and other factors as seen in many guntapes. This could be achieved by a simple vibration animation as seen with the player camera (just not as bugged). Yes i know that this is a very low priority and benefit feature, but surely it would add to make the Apache as immersive as possible down the road.
  3. Yes they did use snapviews. (and yes the standard screen export feature that DCS has is also working with the Apache, but its a bit of a pain to set up compared to just pressing a simple button)
  4. This might sound like a dumb question, but whats the point of having the gun if what eventually makes it reliable isn't implemented yet? (hopefully ED does their magic ASAP)
  5. I guess the global map would act as a merger between the more detailed terrains in DCS. Therefore the platform would finally become more viable for long range aircraft to enable DCS to represent for example cargo or bomber missions in a realistic fashion. They would most likely also include high fidelity versions of bigger airbases around the world to aid such missions. Yes the overall fidelity of this global map surely won't be up to our normal DCS terrains but if we take a look at other sim's and their autogenerated terrains i'm fairly certain that the global map will still be decent.
  6. Coming back to this I'm wondering if this statement is really true. I could definitely mix things up, but the manual states qoute: "The LMC provides target state estimation in the form of lead angle calculations when the CPG is using the TADS for targeting for gun or rocket engagements against moving targets." Yes this doesn't directly mention anything about stationary targets, but nevertheless having basic lead and superelevation being calculated at every state of the LMC being active would obviously be a requirement for the system compensating for a moving target and therefore also be used when engaging stationary targets. What i somewhat suspect is that maybe the LMC in the way ED modeled it, could either over or under compensate for lead and elevation since the overall spread of the M230 as seen in DCS seems completely fine to me.
  7. I was just wondering if the rather high lead you have to give as a CPG when using the M230 with the TADS is intended? I don't know if its just me or the way the helicopter is simulating it, but in almost all conditions even at lower speeds (<90kts.) my rounds always seem to be at least 10+ meters of target. I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong (LMC on, keeping the target lased and engaging well below 1500 meters) but i haven't seen this much lead being required in any guntapes.
  8. A big improvment to george in my opinion would be a loiter function. This would work by designating the center of your orbit with the TADS or IHADSS, after which George would set up an orbit around the center at your selected speed, altitude and orbit range. The orbit range would be controlled with the george menu left and right long. As a special function George could be given the command for a run in towards the center for the CPG to engage targets with a Hellfire, after which George would return to the set up orbit. Overall this could really help singleplayer CPG's when trying to observe and engage an area for a prolonged period, and it would allow for easy gun employment.
  9. Snapview's surely are usefull in many situations, but for content creators it can turn out to be quite the pain compared to what a dedicated F-14 style video export could offer. The most notable problem that you come across when using snapviews is the obvious fact that you're filming the MFD itself and don't get a direct video feed, hence why you'll encouter sunglare and the different looks of day and night mode of the mfd itself (if not even grime and dirt textures on the screen). Sure these issues are somewhat managable in post production but obviously it will hindre the potential compared to what a dedicated video export could offer for content creators. Overall this sadly is not of real importance for most users, which makes me believe that ED simply doesn't care to much about it. (I already made the same suggestion at the beginning of last year, with no real response at all)
  10. It definitely is possible to be observed. I would suggest checking out some Apache guntapes, it depends on the zoom but in some clips you can clearly see the traveling rounds.
  11. Does the AH-64D have a simmilar ground datalink feature as the A-10C to identify friendly units?
  12. Lul, why do people even stress themselves out with how "hard" it is to fly a helo in DCS. Just practice a little bit, and you'll see that its like riding a bike. The only thing that makes it harder than flying a fixed wing, is that you have to rely more on rudder input, and minding your engine rpm in older helicopters. Sure, your first takeoffs and landings will probably be a mess, but think about how it went when you first tried to fly fixed wings.
  13. Just a quick question of mine. As we've seen in the sneak peak of the Hellfire the FLIR colour displayed on the TEDAC was green simmilar to the Hornet. On the other hand on the many guntapes i've seen that the FLIR colour is a standard black and white. So i figured that either the recordings are displayed in black and white, and that the green colour we've seen is correct, or that maybe it just comes down to software versions of the Apache which determines what colour is shown, or that its a setting which can be changed by the gunner since the TEDAC afterall is a colour display. Nevertheless this is just speculation, so i hope that maybe some of you guys know the answer to this mistery.
  14. Me: looks at the rest of an Apache. Chunky flying boxes of death.
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