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  1. Dear all, I'm sorry to report that for the past few months I have been unable to play dcs. This is because I have encountered some issues with vr. I'm using the quest 2 with a link cable some of the issues include, low and unstable frame rates, headset tracking dysnc (i don't really know how to discribe this but my head movements go off and its very natious), freezing and an overall awful experience. I've been using the dcs vr preset for most of my time playing and for the past year it's been flawless. However these issues have been rendering my game unplayable, it doesn't matter if I am in a populated multiplayer server or in an empty mission this issues always occur. I never experience these issues in other games such as msfs, Xp11 or assetto corsa in vr. My specs are below any help would be much appreciated I7, 12700k Rtx3070fr 32gb ddr4 ram 3200 Sata SSD for dcs
  2. im not sure if it is this, sometimes it struggles to maintain that 30fps its stuttery and sometimes the head tracking Dsyncs causing me to get really motion sick if anyone can help that would be great
  3. thank you very much for the input, how do i disable ASW and whats openXR translator mod?
  4. Hello all. Recently I upgraded my system to something I thought would run dcs in vr fine, But for some reason fbs seems to be locked at 36fps. It doesn't matter what mission or weather it's mp or not, once I got a stable 72fps in the hoggit training server. This was on the same settings as before (I use the dcs vr preset). The any suggestions on improving fps would be appreciated, my specs are below. I7-12700k Rtx 3070 32gb ddr4 ram 3200 Dcs is on an ssd Oculus quest 2 Windows 11
  5. +1 Would love to see some British phantoms flying around
  6. Update, I fixed it by plugging my quest into the rear USB ports and not the front ones thanks for the help
  7. no offence taken, ive heard alot of good things about thrustmasters products and im sure those are true just through my own personal experience the build quality has been subpar to what i expected for the price.
  8. first off i would like to make clear this is more of a review. When i purchased my Thrust master warthog an T flight rudder pedals i had been lead to belive that thrust master was the goldern standard for flight simulation equipment, and that even their 'budget' options were still quality products but after less than a year of ownership i was left experiencing a significant amount of buyers remorse. We'll start with the TM Warthog. initially on first impressions i was very impressed with the construction, weight and general quality of the stick and throttle. However, after only a few months of use i was already starting to have issues with the grip and base. lets start with the grip, it very quicky developed some play of about 1.5cm each way causing the stick to wobble and could no longer give small fine imputs when moving the stick. now for the base, after a few moths the base started to be bumpy if that makes sense. certian areas of the gimple were harder to move than others. something that i really wouldnt expect from a £350 product. also just under a year after purchase the base refused to detect any imputs. this was because during the manufactuing process the connectors on the base had not been plugged in properly and had worked loose. now lets move to the throttle. the throttle was largely fine apart from one big issue to me. the tension slider no longer works, i can move both throttles with my pinky finger something that really upsets me. Now for the T Flight Rudder pedals. initially like the warthog i was still very impressed with the quality considering the price. however just over a year after the purchase the left rudder pedal in no other words snapped in half after what i would consider avarage use. To thrustmasters credit after a few weeks after contacting them they provided me with an email stating that the damage was a result of a factoy defect to help convince the retailer to replace the pedals. i was happy with this but unfortunatly, just 7 months later the exact same thing has happened to my replacement set. im currently trying to contact thrustmaster. All of this has made me really not like thrustmaster due to the poor build quality of their products. I'd recomend you stear away from thrustmaster if posible and look into alternatives such as Virpl and WinWing https://virpil-controls.eu/ https://wwsimstore.com/STORE
  9. I think I want a tornado gr1/4 in dcs more than I want oxygen itself. Heatblur would do an amazing job at it just a shame it probably won't happen for another few years because of this. Not that the phantom is a bad thing. It's an amazing thing for the community as its HIGHLY requested and it will bring new people to the sim. Would have just preferred a tonka. If anyone from HB is reading this thanks for the F4 will be a day one purchase. Please PLEASE do a tornado Gr1/4 next
  10. is it likely to be multi crew or are we going to have the same pit as the single seater?
  11. I'm pretty sure that's for the vsn typhoon not the Lechuzas Negras typhoon https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320084/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320087/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320096/ Here are some of the skins I've been working on for the typhoon now they've gone live
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