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  1. I have been flying as the CP/G with Climber and we confirmed last night that the desync only occurs if the LMC is used. As Bignewy suggested elsewhere I have unbound LMC until the bug is fixed.
  2. For NVGs make sure your canopy is open so they can give you the goggles.
  3. When playing MP in the Apache the CP/G cannot fire the gun while the Pilot launches rockets. The CP/G can fire prior to launch and immediately after. Is this a bug or an actual Apache feature? Perhaps to avoid any conflict with cannon rounds and rockets?
  4. What I did was configure my default HOTAS axis to control TADS, etc. I mapped a momentary toggle on my throttle to unfold the cyclic (the "c" key on the keyboard). I have a toggle switch on my throttle mapped as a modifier and for flight bound my axis controls with the modifier. So to take control from the CP/G I open a switch guard and flip the toggle. The cyclic unfolds. I then flip the modifier toggle and my axis now control the aircraft flight.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to make sure the feature is available in the CP/G seat before I spent too much time troubleshooting. I will check on the force trim release.
  6. I have been flying the Apache from the CP/G seat. I use a modifier to switch my HOTAS axis from TADS control to flight, but I cannot seem to get the force trim to work in the CP/G seat. The bindings are set the same as in the pilot seat, which works without a problem. Anybody else get this working?
  7. Same for me. Occasionally it will work in the air, but is unreliable.
  8. I have the Apache and my wife is learning DCS. She has not bought anything yet, but is drawn to the Apache. Any idea if/when it will be available for the 50% new customer discount?
  9. I tried this and it is one of the best for tracking. Under $35 and you don't have to wear anything on your head.
  10. I did the PS3 head tracking and it worked okay. You might want to consider the alternative linked below. I found the head tracking to be just as good, if not better, and no need to clip anything onto your head. For under $35 and ease of set-up, I wish I had found this first.
  11. You can keep the old key bindings. Plusnine confirmed this with me on Discord and the upgrade has worked flawlessly with the old bindings.
  12. I recommend the A-4E. It is a full fidelity aircraft with all the basic systems (ECM, radar, air to air missiles, ground ordinance) to get you familiar. You can also do carrier ops and air to air refueling. The F-5 and FC3 aircraft are not this versatile. On top of that, the A-4E is free and you risk nothing if you do not like it!
  13. That's exactly what I had in mind. Since the SuperCarrier already has the approaching aircraft values, I wonder how hard it would be to modify the module to an Essex carrier size then take the telemetry and incorporate it into an overlay like above?
  14. What would be cool is to use the coding for the IFOILS and long range light up lights to animate a paddles crewman and make him an overlay like the IFOILS. For VR this would be a real lifesaver. Don't know if something like that has ever been done for a WWII carrier sim.
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