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  1. That still didn't fix it. Does it have anything to do with using the "EMER STORES JETTISON Button"?
  2. I click S-J in the bottom right of the right MFD and nothing changes
  3. After I drop the tanks, the right MFD screen swaps to show that, but I can't figure out how to set it how it was before I drop the tanks. After the drop, I can no longer switch between A/A A/G or Nav anymore. I must be doing something dumb or there's a helpful action I don't have mapped.
  4. I get that just because I get a contact that my radar might not necessarily see it, but there's instances where I manually target a contact via azimuth and range and I don't see a reason why it wouldn't be getting picked up regardless of datalink. In servers where I don't have datalink available, I never get bandits closing in to WVR without there ever once being a solution to fire my phoenix missiles. I'm seeing targets less than 100 miles creep up to me and Jester is not hooking them and refuses to stt lock enemy via shortcut button, even though I can manually select them via their azimuth and range. It just seems like datalink is overriding Jester's normal tasking.
  5. Is this working as intended? Because it seems like it would be better to not be connected to datalink if my system is just going to sit there, tell me there's a hostile, and not let me fire a phoenix at it.
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